How We Built a Work Order Management Software?

Order Management Software

Running a Field Service Industry is not an easy task as it requires a well-experienced staff, hardworking workers and technicians with better system management. Fortunately, we have many advanced FSM Software available to manage all the tasks of the industry. The Field Service Industry has a separate Mobile Order Management system which can be managed by a reliable Mobile order Management System

Service-oriented companies require experienced technicians and workers who can manage different types of field-related tasks effectively. When it comes to provide your services, you have to send an expert technician who can finish the request of the customer on time. To manage multiple requests from thousands of your customers, a better work order management system should be implemented, and you can do so by acquiring the Mobile Order Management Software.

Mobile Order Management Software comes with many benefits to the organization and its users who can get a reliable service from the software provider in managing the work orders of the organization smoothly.

What is Work Order Management?

When you go with the Mobiler Order Management Software for your organization, you can manage all the employees, workers and technicians easily. The software allows the entire team to manage their whole day effectively.

Mobility keeps employees connected to the system throughout their shift time. You can always monitor how your employees are working in the field through its mobile application. The software runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets. With proper access and authentication, the software manages the entire team of employees.

The software can be used for easy management of various organizational tasks including adding notes, images, work done receipts, invoice and much more.

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Order Management Software

Work Order Request Form

The software comes with Work Order Request Form section. This form allows you to submit maintenance request. The request form can be customized as per your requirements, and you can easily choose an appropriate option from the form which you may require with your service request.

The Work Order Software is live on all the employee’s mobile phones and computers. The requests from the customers and other people can be easily managed by the work order management software as the employees will be notified with the new service requests on their mobile phones in real-time.

The Request Form allows the customers and users to fill in from the computers, smartphones and tablets. This means, you can ask for a service request from remote locations hassle-free.

Better Management with Maintenance List

The advanced Mobile Order Management Software also providers its users a reliable Maintenance List. This maintenance list is important to keep an eye on the requests from the customers and other users. The list allows you to manage all the tasks easily.

The entire team can view and manage all the maintenance list and can pick up the requests from the same list. The employees can also see the current status of the tasks in real-time.

Besides this, the maintenance list comes with easy sorting, simple layout and many other useful ways to organize the list as per your demands.

Get quick notifications in real-time

The most important feature of the new generation Work Order Management Software is to offer real-time notifications to its customers and employees. Customers can receive notification about their accepted requests.

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The team will receive automatic request notification on their smartphones and computers when enabled. You can disable or enable the request as per your requirements.

Real-time notification is essential for providing better services to the customers. When the customers are fully satisfied with your services and approach towards receiving their requests, they will definitely recommend your name to others who are looking for the same issues to be resolved with their products.

The software sends push notification, email and text messages to the customers and in return, the employees will also get notifications about feedback regarding their services. Real-time notification lets you and your customer stay connected with each other.

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