Top 5 Elements of Ecommerce Website Design of 2018

Ecommerce Website

With innovations in technology and its inventions, we have numerous tech-gadgets in the market to make the most of the technology world. Almost everyone is using a smartphone as the market is full of all types of smartphones, from low-end to premium-end. With increased number of Smartphones and digital platforms, the shopping industry has also become digital with Ecommerce platform. If you are planning to develop your own eCommerce Platform and looking for a website designing company, then freelancer provides you the best solution develop a reliable and user-friendly eCommerce store on the web-platform.

People are not aware of the latest trends that could help them in designing a reliable eCommerce Website. To make your eCommerce business site more appealing, here we have listed down some of the best trends which you can implement on the eCommerce Website.

Ecommerce Website

Mobile Apps

Over 60% of the sales of the eCommerce industry come through Mobile users. Mobile users love to shop online through various apps of the giant eCommerce stores where you can purchase almost anything. If you are launching or designing your eCommerce, then you should also design or develop its mobile app as well.

Almost everyone is using a smartphone and they know how to shop online. It will be better for your business growth as more people would come and shop through your eCommerce’s mobile app right from their respective Android or iOS smartphone. You should focus more on the Mobile Apps than the website.

Voice Interfaces

We all know how popular the Voice Search feature has become! Initiated by Apple through their Siri Voice Assistant, we have numerous Voice Search Assistants available to use for our mobile phones, websites and mobile applications. Instead of typing and searching for things manually, you can simply tap on to the Voice Search feature to search for things easily with the voice commands.

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Voice Assistant is a very useful tool which you need to implement on your website and its mobile application as well. This will make the UI of your website much simpler which will attract more users towards it.

Mobile-friendly Design

Mobile application of the store is highly recommended for all the eCommerce store owners by the experts of the industry. If you are unable to launch an app of your store, you can do one more thing to attract mobile users, and I.e. designing a website with a responsive theme. Yes, Responsive theme can pick an appropriate size of the screen.

When you use a Responsive Theme or make your website responsive, you can view the full website and its available options from all types of devices and gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other devices. You should also focus on this latest trend while designing a new eCommerce website for your business.

Provide Buying Guides

There are people who don’t know how to shop online. Since you are designing or launching your own store, you need to prepare a section of Buying Guides from the store. Make sure you design a complete buying guide with proper steps and screenshots which could help the new users to shop from your website.

You can also include the ways how users can pay for their purchases online. If possible, guide them with proper instructions and step by step tutorial so they can make purchases easily through your new store. If you provide all the useful information, they would surely visit the store again and will recommend it to others.

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Video Guides

People like to explore visuals than reading out texts of different things available on your website. In fact, videos are not new in the business. Most eCommerce store advertise their products and store through video on various platforms including the social media networks.

Videos have become the latest trends in designing new websites including the eCommerce Store. When it comes to storytelling, then videos are the best options available for the website designing company. You can also prepare your own videos, and can implement those videos to the appropriate sections and pages on your websites. You can also record testimony of the customers with their satisfactions through your store.

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