What is Hummingbird and How Does it Affect SEO?

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Google Hummingbird Update

Most web-based businesses depend on Google, as over 80% of traffic on the websites come through Google. We all use Google Search Engine to search for anything on the web. Google is constantly updating their services and now we can search for Hotels, Restaurants, Air Tickets and much more. Google has recently released a new Search algorithm named Hummingbird. We will discuss more about this update in this article.

What is Hummingbird Update?
Google has its own team of developers who release regular updates for their Search Engine Results. We have heard about Google’s Panda and Penguin updates in the past. The Search Engine giant has recently changed its algorithm with Hummingbird.

This new algorithm is made up for many factors which can affect your website’s search rankings and its traffic simultaneously. The new Algorithm is designed to search not just the Keywords but also Phrases within the content.

We all know that Voice Assistants have taken over place in the web platform and most websites are now equipped with voice search feature that lets users search for anything with the voice commands. Surprisingly, the new Hummingbird update will now recognize the phrases and give you proper search results which include the phrases.

Hummingbird update is designed to understand Phrases and Questions. In the digital term, it is called long tailed Keywords. The update will look for the actual meaning behind the specific word that you speak and will offer the results accordingly.

What does Hummingbird Mean for SEO?
The new Hummingbird update will not affect the Search Engine Optimization of your website if you don’t break the rules and follow proper guidelines given by the Search Engine Giant.

If you are publishing good and quality content on your website, then the new Hummingbird update will not affect on the Search Rankings and your Website’s traffic. Google still appreciates quality of contents on various websites. The update will definitely affect on those websites which copy paste the content or publishing poor contents regularly.

Of course, the new update has made the SEO Community shaken up, as the SEO gurus have to understand the basics of this update from the beginning. If you are into SEO field, then it will not take much time to understand and figure out the updates for your website. If you have hired an SEO Company, they would also make you understand about Google’s new Hummingbird Update and its results.

It is equally important to all the writers and publishers. The update is designed to eliminate irrelevant content from the search engine results. Google will recognize the work done by good authors who are publishing quality contents on the websites.

Will Hummingbird Update Affect My Website’s Traffic?
The new Algorithm is designed with respect to Search queries from the users through Voice Search and Long tail Keywords. Traditional Search Protocols are still there are Google will not change or eliminate the efforts that you have done in the past with your website.

If you have not seen a drop in the traffic of your website, it means Google’s new update is fairly good for your website. You need not to change your writing style. Just follow the same writing style while publishing your future contents on the website. Google will not affect the traffic if you publish kind of the same content.

On the other hand, if you have noticed a drop in the traffic after the Hummingbird update, you need to do a little Home work for the same. Make sure you write the content the way you speak and Google’s new update will rank your website well. The quality of writing encourages Google to show your website in the search results.

Google’s new update is designed to make your searches more responsive. In the future, it will definitely bring out good results and people would also get the quality of contents to read on the websites.

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