Hot title tips that will make you think about SEO


There can actually be a little to consider when writing a title for a post, blog or article. You have to really try and be a little creative and grab reader’s imagination. You have less than a second on average to stand out from the millions of websites online all trying to do the same thing.

To give you some guidance on the matter, here are some lovely SEO and marketing tips you might want to take into consideration.

1. Does the title match your content? If not why not? Try not to put readers off by shouting out about something that has no relevance to the actual content. Readers will simply click off the web page once they quickly realize they have been duped. This will increase your bounce rate for the website.

2. Remember, the title being used will become the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) It is the address of a web page. Each page has its own unique web address (URL). This is how your computer locates the web page that you are trying to find. An example of the seo tools centre website URL is: Consider this for search engine indexing. Try and complete a few searches about the topic you intend to talk about. This will give you a really good indication to the competition and where the article might be placed. If the competition is high, then your post will most likely be on page 3 or 4 of search engine results.

3. Think about how you want to come across with the final title. Write a few down on paper first. A good tip is to have categories for each title plan, example;

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Viral titles: (high click rate)

• 10 crazy facts about diamond rings you never knew about.
• The hidden secrets behind coffee beans they don’t want you to know.
• 12 year old Boy lives on jam sandwiches for 10years.

Educational titles: (for researchers)

• 10 facts about diamond rings.
• What are the ingredients of a coffee bean?
• Nutrional value from Jam.

Professional: (Educated readers)

• Consider these 10 facts before buying a diamond ring.
• The wonders of your daily coffee routine.
• Can you live on jam sandwiches?

Consider your target market, audience and voice you want to portray. You may have different categories such as Health, Science or Hobbies. Think about what the reader would likely click on. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your ideas. Sometimes it works to go against the grain and offer up something different.

Hot title Tips for SEO strategy:

0.1 Try and keep the title short and sweet.
0.2 Asking a question in the title can be very effective. People tend to ask search engines lots of questions.
0.3 Be creative and original. Search engines love this, don’t copy what the big brands are saying or doing.
0.4 WordPress and other content managed systems allow you to change the URL link In the settings. So if you change your mind on the title before you hit publish, make sure you change URL link.
0.5 Does it feel right? Listen to that inner voice and feel your instincts.

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