5 Pillars That Constitute Digital Marketing

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Before you begin with your Digital Marketing activities, or for that matter even before you come up with a digital marketing strategy, it is important to know about the fundamentals of digital marketing. In other words, one needs to be aware about the pillars of digital marketing. Only then can you effectively match your business requirements with your digital marketing endeavors.

If you wish for a successful career in Digital Marketing, you can get to learn these fundamentals in detail, by taking admission to a dedicated course. Along with training, they also provide you with job assistance. That’s where the Digital Marketing courses importance lies.

In this blog, we are going to check out the 5 pillars that constitute Digital Marketing. Here they are…

1. Content Marketing :

Online content makes all the difference! No wonder it is called the king. The lure pulls in both the readers and search robots. With the evolution of various social media platforms, you’re advertising message’s context has increased significance. Therefore, content marketing, as a core component of a digital marketing strategy, has increased significance as well.

Your content can be published in different formats right from site, blogs, slide-shows, webinars, videos etc. and through offline means, e.g. conferences. Your content is your cash in present day marketing. That is the reason it’s #1 on this particular list.

2. Social Media Marketing :

Social Media is everywhere these days. Social media is simply the average of every single online channel where your customers spend time. The choice of the social media channels to use in your digital marketing strategy is critical. Utilizing online networking platforms is a strategy. In the event that content is your currency, social media is the place it exchanges hands for value. You build up a content strategy, not a social media strategy. Social media channels offer the paths to promote your content so that concerned individuals will discover it, connect with it and share it.

Social Media Optimization- SMO forms an important and integral part of this.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

SEO incorporates your entire on-page and off-page marketing endeavors in order to rank on search engines in an organic manner. While this type of marketing can be very costly and results are not prompt, one feels that this offers the best ROI. The measure of traffic that can be picked up by good SEO is extremely valuable.

4. Mobile Marketing :

The latest on the list is mobile marketing. What began as text messaging, to a great extent found in B2C marketing, and has developed into advertising to the third gadget. It is said that devices 1 and 2 are TV and PC/laptop, and a mobile is the 3rd one characterized as a tablet or a smartphone. Smartphones in all probability have surpassed both PCs and laptops. Branded applications on cell phones are the most well known and among the best types of mobile marketing. A similar standard applies in mobile marketing as in content marketing. It’s tied in with providing utility to the end user on their mobile handset.

5. Email Marketing :

Regardless of all the technological developments in the previous decade, email is as yet the #1 digital communication channels for any business. Email has even advanced into Facebook and LinkedIn in the form of “messaging.” For a few brands a standout amongst the most key and impactful components is the size and nature of their email list. Businesses with effective email correspondence relish loyalty, lead generation and reliable growth.

This might not be an exhaustive list, but these are definitely the important pillars of Digital Marketing.

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