Engagement Rings Have Been Around for Many Centuries

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Because of their strength and durability, diamond engagement rings symbolize eternal love and an unbreakable bond between two people. Diamonds are the most durable natural materials on earth and have over centuries, gained a reputation as the ideal gift to be given to a woman by the man who wants to marry her. When she accepts the engagement ring, she is promising to marry him in the near future. Not only is this a spectacular gift for her to enjoy, but it also reminds her every single time she looks at the ring just how much he loves her. The perfect diamond ring should be one that she absolutely loves and one that fits within the budget. Of course, every woman wants the biggest ring in the world, but if it means you are starting off your marriage in debt and financial strain, then it simply is not logical to make the purchase. Would you rather live comfortably in your home with a reasonably sized ring or would you rather be homeless with the biggest ring the world has ever seen? Anyone in their right mind would choose the first option!

So, why are engagement rings worn on the left ring finger? Well, there was a time in history when people thought this particular finger contained a vein that led straight to your heart. Although modern science has disproved this theory, the tradition still remains. The first documented occasion of a man giving a woman a diamond as an engagement ring was Archduke Maximilian in 1477. He wowed his fiancée with a diamond ring that sparked many people in the upper classes to copy. Although the act of giving diamonds to your betrothed had been around for a long time starting with the ancient Egyptians, his proposal was the first documented occurrence.

On a very basic level, diamonds are pretty. They shine when the light hits them and this luster is what makes them so popular. Women swoon over each other’s diamond jewelry and so desperately want some of their own. This puts their husbands and boyfriend in a tricky spot because they are forced to make these big purchases in order to make their ladies’ happy. There is nothing wrong with wanting your special lady to have a gorgeous ring, but if it means taking out a second mortgage on your home, then it probably is not a good idea. Save your money for a long time before even considering such a vast purchase.

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