What You Should Consider Before Buying Perfumes

Are you troubling in finding perfume? Do you get confused when it comes to perfume?

Do not worry because we will help you find your best perfume as we have set only for you an article on what you should consider before buying perfume so hold on to your seats and scroll down.

Fragrances can give someone joy as well as they create an enigmatic atmosphere that most people like. However, choosing one for your self can become a confusing choice.

If you do like to have some beautiful scent perfume so we have arranged a list that will describe to you what should you consider before buying any type of perfume. So let us find out.

At first, we should want to tell you something about perfume notes, there are 3 types of notes that balance the perfume scent and are extracted from different kinds of natures.

These notes are Top or Head notes, Middle or Heart notes and in the last base notes so let us discuss these three notes first before we move on to our final phase.


What You Should Consider Before Buying Perfumes

The Top or Head notes are the first scents that a perfume release in the air. This scent is so sharp that it attracts the person immediately.

This the note that is beneficial for the sellers because it attracts the buyers immediately.

Middle or Heart notes

This scent comes after top note as it covers the top notes sharp scent and gives it a melody light smell that can surely be liked by anyone.

This note is the body of the fragrance that covers the scent of the top note and give s a diligent smell to the person. The scent can last for an hour. 

Base notes

The base note is the combination of all the notes and this note is the whole package as it happens to last a whole day or two. The strength can so strong that it can be smelled from far far away.

Now with that said, we are back to our business so we would like to tell you about five ways that you should consider before buying any of the perfumes.

1. Familiarize with the perfumery terms

As you are familiar with the internet so you would know that the most searched item is a perfume.

But when you search it you find some different terms that you are getting difficulty reading them but make sure familiarize the terms so when you go to a store you can ask the salesperson before buying a perfume.

2. Skin chemistry

Skin chemistry

Every person has different chemistry as the perfume also has one. Every perfume can’t sit or suit at a person’s skin but if you insist on doing it let the perfume sit on the skin for a few minutes so the top note is gone and then check the scent.

One more thing that will help you with the scent that the perfume will smell differently because it also checks the cleanliness of the skin.

3. Unearthing the notes of your choice

If you a familiar with the scents of the perfume and you know which scent is which as on the description then you should characterize with the notes so you can have an ideal scent for yourself. 

4. Determine the perfect Concentration

There are many types and categories of perfume, these describe the perfume with its actual concentration and calculates the ratio of the other components used in the perfume.

We have listed all concentrations that are in the perfume with their ratios.

  • Parfum = 30% to 50% aromatic compound
  • Parfum de toilett = 10% to 30% aromatic compound
  • Eau de toillete = 5% to 20% aromatic compounds
  • Eau de cologne = 2% to 5% aromatic compound

5/ Layer your scent

As a single perfume comes with a single layer of scent per bottle but you can also change it or you can add another scent that makes it two scents. It will automatically increase the fragrance and the time that will last longer than the previous.

If you have understood the art of buying perfume and you have to know more about perfume and want to buy one there is a review of the best long lasting perfumes for men. If you are interested please do visit.

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