Loose Diamonds: A Glimpse through History

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The wonderful world of loose diamonds boasts some pretty incredible pieces of rock! These gorgeous stones are just that, rocks. However, they are the most expensive and precious of all the gemstones mankind has discovered thus far. They have not only become the most popular stone to use in jewelry, but they also convey and represent the feeling of love and adoration. Not just anyone will give you loose diamonds as a gift. The person who gives you diamonds will certainly care about you and love you to the moon and back.

Maybe diamonds are so popular because they have survived just a long journey to get into your local jewelry store to be classified and sold as certified loose diamonds. They have literally traveled from the center of the earth to be in your hands! Severe and extreme conditions allowed these beautiful stones to be created in the first place. A diamond is simply carbon atoms bonded together. Its molecular structure is the only thing that separates this beautiful diamond from a lump of coal! The term ‘diamond’ comes from the Greeks, just like many other terms used today. The Greek word for diamond is ‘adamas’ and it literally translates to ‘indestructible.’

Many people think diamonds have magical qualities. This is fueled by the fact that many glow in the dark. In the past, they have been used to ward off evil spirits, cure madness and even cure nightmares. Now, diamonds are mostly used in jewelry (with the exception of some dental practices), but they have always been associated with love and possession. Archduke Maximilian gave his fiancée a diamond ring to wear on her left ring finger when he proposed marriage in 1477. The tradition caught on, but had been around since the ancient Egyptians.

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Loose diamonds have always displayed wealth, love and were often used as a status symbol among the elite. Many of the biggest diamonds have wound up in the hands of the elite or royalty. This is not surprising because they usually end up with the most expensive of everything. The next time you are in a jewelry store perusing their selection of all things diamond, you may view these tiny stones in a new light. If only they could talk, they would probably have some of the most interesting stories you have ever heard. Until that day, simply use your imagination to create your own journey for these beautiful gems.

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