5 Ways to Beat Winter Lethargy

Many people struggle with the cold weather, shorter days, and lack of sunshine during winter. FYI, there is a scientific reason for why procrastination levels go off the charts when it’s freezing outside. Apparently, atmospheric temperatures and sunlight strongly influence our biological clock, which affects our mood and productivity levels. Low temperature and less sunlight disturb our circadian rhythm, thereby altering brain activity and hormone production. Serotonin (hormone that makes us feel happy and energized) levels drop and Melatonin (hormone inducing sleep) levels rise.

We have all woken up on a chilly winter morning and struggled to leave our warm and inviting bed; to be honest, it happens every day of the season. Driving to work becomes a dangerous dare when you can hardly keep your eyes open; slippery roads add to the risks of auto accidents. Some people call it the ‘winter blues’ because the weariness and laziness makes them feel depressed. Being a winter person, I don’t relate to the gloominess, but the fatigue is legit. Snuggled in a blanket all day long, looking at snowfall from the window, binge watching shows on Netflix, and enjoying an unlimited supply of hot beverages is the dream life. Unfortunately, duties call in the real world, which is why beating the winter lethargy is crucial! Here’s what you can do escape hibernation mode:

1. Eat Healthy
Junk food like greasy burgers, pizzas, French fries, and cake become all the more appealing in winters; despite being delicious, they somehow add to the laziness. The cold makes us feel famished more often and the guilt only sinks in after we have consumed more than three times the allowed calorie intake. Luckily, you can enjoy several winter comfort foods that are healthy and invigorating. Homemade stews/ soups, dry fruit, and dark chocolate will combat the hunger, keep you warm, and fuel you up to get some work done. Including ingredients rich in Vitamin D and Iron to your meals will give you the extra boost you need.

2. Challenge the Body
The idea of working a sweat or exercising seems out of the question when your heart and mind debate over leaving the couch to use the toilet every time. You will simply become an unsightly couch potato if you don’t challenge yourself; remember that the first attempt is the hardest. Go out for walk with a friend, or do some yoga/stretches indoors to shake up your stiff muscles. Once you break the cycle, you will realize that working out feels great.

3. Redefine your Winter Wardrobe
Our winter attire is essentially responsible for turning us into sloths and gluttons. The oversized sweaters and baggy pants just make room to eat more and beg us to take a nap. We need to come out of that awful comfort zone and go to the mall. Buy yourself some dandy new outfits that make you look and feel sharp. When you wear brand new clothes your size and like what you see in the mirror, you won’t rethink the winter zombie look.

4. Consume Stimulating Beverages
The endless varieties of tea and coffee in the market contain enough caffeine or stimulants to keep you mindful throughout the day. Drink them hot and go for the healthy kinds; avoid drinks with too much sugar and cream. If you suddenly feel hungry for no valid reason, trade in the bag of chips for a mug of flavored green tea.

5. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
Winters are all about staying up late in bed, having movie marathons, conversing with a special someone, or squeezing in some late night reading. You can do all those things on a weekend, but stick to a strict schedule on working days. Go to bed on time, switch off the distractions, and get yourself seven hours of continuous sleep before the morning alarm goes off.

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