People Purchase Wedding Bands of All Different Varieties

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Wedding bands are the symbolic rings you exchange on your wedding day that represent your eternal love for one another. Not only are they a representation of your love, but they also can be of great value. Some people go all out with these rings and decorate them with many diamonds or other stones. Other people choose to go the simple route and have a plain gold or silver band. Then there are the creative people who do not want to wear rings at all. Instead of pieces of metal around their fingers, they decide to get tattoos on their left ring fingers to act as a wedding ring.

What is the point of getting matching tattoo wedding bands? There are many reasons people go this route instead of the traditional circle of metal. One reason may be because they really love tattoos and may have many more on their bodies. People who get lots of tattoos on their bodies often hold their works of art very close to their hearts. There is a meaning behind every piece of ink they have drawn on them and a wedding band tattoo would be no different.

Tattoos are not cheap, but when you are only getting a very small band tattooed around your finger, it could end up being significantly less expensive than a diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring to match it.

Another great reason why people get matching tattoo wedding bands is because you will never, ever lose it! Some men are very bad about losing things while others are not keen on the idea of wearing jewelry at all. If they have jobs where they have to use their hands in order to make a living, it could actually be dangerous for them to wear their wedding bands at work. Having a tattoo on your finger means it will not get caught on anything and it will never slip off if your finger gets thinner.

Still, many women prefer an actual piece of fine jewelry and expect their husband to suck it up and wear his ring. This is perfectly understandable. She may take a liking to a vintage wedding band while he may prefer a simple tungsten band. No matter which way you decide to show the world your love for this one person, it will certainly mean the world to you. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is your love for one another.

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