Career scope for Electrical Engineering in Private Sector

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Electrical engineering is one of most in demand amongst the engineering family. This sector of engineering deals with technology of electricity. These engineers works with various components, devices & systems from small microchips to big power generators.

Right from the beginning, electrical engineering course has grown drastically & there are various specializations are available under the course.

What do these engineers do?
These engineers have the responsibility to design & supervise certain electrical equipments such as electric motors, radar, power generators, and communication systems.
The study of electrical engineering is a bit tough thus, the students needs to focus on the skills in depth also needs the understanding the mathematics, electrical & electronic theory.

Now let us talk about some career, scope, job opportunities & salary structure of the electrical engineers. There are some really good electrical engineering colleges across India, which provide good campaus placements. However, apart from campus placement these students have exposure in both the sectors like government & private sectors.

Talking about the private sectors. Nowadays many industries have their in-house manufacturing unit where they constantly make use of electricity & machines. Hence to look after all this electrical needs companies hire these people on direct pay roles or may be on contract basis. Well their salary structure entirely depends upon the grades & quality of college, basically the salary is between 2-5 lakhs per annum.

Individuals with this specialization have various job posts in private sectors:

  • Electrical engineering: as said earlier electrical engineers deals with technology of electricity these engineers has jobs options from many renowned companies in private sectors like; Mahindra & Mahindra, adani group, Crompton greaves, GE, Havells etc.
  • Assistant electrical engineer: they keep a check of electrical systems, products, components & applications by working on various research programs with the core knowledge of electricity & components.
  • Automation engineer: these engineers reproduce & keep a check on automated function of machines & process to complete their task. These people are generally employed in industries such as car manufacturing or food processing plants where machines are used to do entire work. Here are some known companies for these specialization ABB group, GE, Larsen & turbo etc.
  • Purchase & quality control executive: here people have to keep an close watch over the quality of projects & its parts time to time inspections are also scheduled to keep the quality maintained. People here play a role as supporting bridge between the managers & clients to keep up quality check. Maintains quality records & documentations so there are no chance of compromise in the product quality. Companies like oysters, pharma offers them with better career options & good pay packages.
  • Plant designing & planning officer: these officers help to maintain production planning & process of production in companies. These people spend the patch of their time on the factory fields to keep close watch on the packaging, rates of the products which are supposed to be sending to the markets. They make sure that everything with the production team is working according to the plan & policy of the company.
  • Electrical engineer graduates also have the option of taking a teaching job in renowned institutes where they have a great platform to use & share their knowledge with more aspirants. They can also opt for higher studies like programs then ph.d in the same fields to enhance their knowledge and find better career options in future, because the completion will never end rather it will grow day by day, so higher studies will help these individuals to polish their skills & look for better job opportunities with better companies in private sectors which brings along handsome amount of salaries.
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