Training Tip: Wearing Gloves for Food Safety

Wearing Gloves for Food Safety

Most of the food industries use gloves while they are making the food, the main purpose of wearing gloves while industry workers preparing the food is to keep the food safe from germs and other bacterias. 

As most of the food industry does not know how to work while using the gloves or what is the proper way to use the gloves while you are packing the food, preparing the food, and other things that are related to food.

So, for this, I have arranged an article for you, so we can give you some training tips on how you can work while wearing gloves and can keep the food safe.

Before we start I would like to tell you about some history regarding food safety.

Wearing Gloves for Food Safety

As you know it is over fifteen years ago, when the first time National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods came to the conclusion that bare hand contact with the food can be an increment to foodborne illness.

The workers that are working in a food factory can easily shed the virus to the food if they are feeling sick and can transfer the virus or their sickness to any other person without even noticing that they are sick.

These kinds of problems were taken place before, so the solution that the FDA came up with was wearing gloves at all times while you are working in a food factory.

As we all know hand washing is not good enough and can be uncertain at all times, so the best solution to save food and other people’s health is by working wearing gloves.

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Gloves are not magical

The gloves are good for food protection but they are not magical as most of them think, people think that if they wear gloves the food they are preparing will be safe and the person that is eating it will not get a foodborne illness.

However, gloves can become dangerous as the hands as well and can be contaminated as the hands can be as well.

Wearing Gloves for Food Safety

If you wash your hands smoothly and then wear gloves then there is a half percent chance that glove does not contaminate but a little problem while wearing the glove can also be hurtful as if you did wear them correctly, it can make them contaminate as well.

How often should food handlers change gloves?

As we have mentioned above that gloves can be contaminated as well, so in order to keep the safety of the food while workers preparing of food in the factory, they should use one pair of gloves for one task and if they are interrupted while doing the task or the glove gets damaged then it should be discarded immediately.

If the task is taking more than four hours then the worker should discard the gloves that he is wearing and should wear the new one because after four hours pathogens can also be multiplied in other levels so to keep other safety they should change the pair after every four hours.

This also includes touching of the skin by the worker himself or any other work while they are working, they are putting or collecting garbages and using the same gloves for preparing food then it should be looked and the gloves should be discarded immediately.

They should be offered new gloves immediately as well.


As we have told you in this article by telling you all the information regarding the gloves and why you should wear them while preparing for food.

It strictly instructed that there should be gloves while the worker working in the factory to keep the food safe and healthy.

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