How do you extend the life of an microwave oven?

Stir the food

Okay, so you stay in a urban city such as Bangalore and have every electronic appliance a home needs. The television, washing machine, geyser etc. And the microwave oven. It is not that every electronic appliance works perfectly till the given time. If not maintained properly, they can malfunction and lead to accidents. So, in this article, let us take the example of microwave oven.

In case, you got a electric spark in the oven or started a fire in the device, do not feel depressed. You are not the first one nor the last person either. Till two decades ago, using the oven was a mystery. But with the passage of time, home improvement experts have taken account of the items, food materials. These, you can make use of best in the microwave oven.

Please note, that the device can heat the most likely items in many seconds and the result will be explosion. But yes, there are some acts which only the oven can do. And better than any appliances. It can bake potatoes in less time. But exercise caution.

You want to live a life of pleasure after coming from work. Put the morning breakfast food in the oven. What do you get? A tasty meal.

When it comes to heating food, you find that there exists three types –

Direct- stove top where the heat directly goes to the food.

Indirect- normal oven where you keep the food in a metal container or glass bowl or ceramic container. The process is that the air gets heated up. The air heats the food.

So do you understand the difference in microwave ovens?

The device acts differently. The air does not get heated. The microwaves pass via the container. They enter the food and cause vibrations which generated heat. This is the main reason, why microwave oven cooked food become cold soon. When compared to a plate or vessel placed in a stove or oven.

1. Never Use Utensils or Metal Bowls
It is advisable not to place food in the metal bowl and then keep inside the oven. The metal can ignite a spark. In fact, ceramic and glass tend to be good things for microwave. Plastic is fine, but do not go by the looks. If inappropriate, some of the plastic can get melted and seep in the food.

There are also microwave plastic bowls. So check the bottom of the container to find out if they are worth. You can find a remark.

metal bowls

2. You Should Never Cook All Foods Simultaneously
Not all foods are the same. They get converted to dishes at different times. If you heat in an oven, you should heat different recipes separately. The time taken by each recipe will vary. A recipe with more water content gets heated rapidly while the recipe with less content will take more time to get heated.

The best example. Compare a steak or baked potato with soups.

all kinds of food

3. Stir The Food
If you have observed the microwave closely, the food gets stirred due to the turning table. The reason, all the parts get heated. There are chances, that the food does not get heated consistently when compared to the hot plate. Sometimes, you should switch off the oven. Take off the food, stir and keep it once again. Switch it on so that the heat gets distributed thoroughly.

Stir the food

4. The Duration and Temperature
The temperature needs to be in the range of 75 degrees Celsius. The duration should be two minutes. If you have got moist food, then after switching off and removing the bowl, you can see the steam.


5. Maintenance
You should ensure that the device is clean. You should take a broad view of the microwave. Do not look only at the surfaces, sides and bottom. Also search for the nook and corner. The reason, if there are food in the corner, then it can creep into the next recipe.

Make use of a good detergent to clean all the surfaces. Never use the dampt and dirty cloth. And yes, hot water. The best choice is paper towels (recyclable). Tea towels are also useful, but only one time.

cleaning the microwave oven

6. Meat
It is better to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Meats, do not come well in the microwave.

Take time to check the different recipes. Poached and pumpkin soup will cook differently.


So, above mentioned are few of the aspects needed to have the microwave oven up and running successfully to your daily whims. But there comes a time, when the device can malfunction. In such cases, if you are in Bangalore or any urban city, there is no need to seek out referrals nor search in established listing websites. You can download the app of a home maintenance company and hire the best oven repair service in Bangalore. You get the option to select the best technician at your own convenience. Before the scheduled date, you get a call from the professional to confirm the booking and information on the type of repair. On the specific day, the concerned person will come and restore the device back to normal.

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