Should You Repair Or Replace A Electronic Appliance?

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Do you have your room full of home appliances such as geyser, washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven etc? Do you, of late, harbor doubts that a appliance needs a repair or maintenance? Then you have come to the right place. If you are confused on whether to repair or replace an appliance, then this article is for you. Just take a look at the five points and you will get a brainwave.

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So What Do You Need?
First, determine the requirement. There are various appliances which may need expertise of a senior level. If you find that the electricity wires are exposed, and the appliances are performing below par, call the licensed electrician. Want to renovate your home? Then do not forget to call the plumber. He will know the best methods to install water lines and pipes as per the Government guidelines.

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Do you get shocks when you touch the appliance?
If so, check the breakers. Find the switch that has tripped. Are you not able to make a guess? Then check with the other electronic appliances with outlets on the same wall. So it is time to call a qualified electrician. The problem is not with any of your electronic appliance.


Warranty – if it is ensured that the appliance is in repair
Many of the major appliances have a sticker with the manufacturer’s name, model number etc. You can always use the toll free number to find if the appliance still has warranty. In case of a YES, then you can ask for directions to the “authorized brand” service shops. If you have kept a note of the age of appliance, it will be easy to assess the cost of repair against the replacement expense. As per the general rule of home improvement experts, if the repair cost comes above half of the value of replacement, then it is time to buy a new electronic appliance.

Where can I find the required qualified repair professional?

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At present, it is the doorstep repair home maintenance companies that are making a huge impact in the business sector. These companies have able qualified handyman background verified professionals in their customer care list. And it is also very easy to choose the best professional in these companies. All you have to do is to download their app and install in the mobile. Then book a service as per your convenience. On the concerned day, the specified technician will come to your house and bring the appliance back to normal.

Let us imagine you are in Pune and find that the fridge is performing below potential. And the warranty has also expired. Now it is time that you take the simple step of opting for doorstep repair services from the top home maintenance companies. For booking the best technician for fridge repair in Pune, you will have to download the app, suggest the specifications and schedule the visit of the technician as per your convenience. He will come on the specific time and restore the appliance back to normal.

In the customer care list of the home services company, try to select the technician who is in connivance with your brand.

How can you help the technician?
Please note, that for any electronic appliance technician, time is valuable. So it is essential that you keep the room clean and tidy. No litterings on the floor. The technician has come to provide assistance. So, it is mandatory that you have to supply him with all the information such as past repairs, malfunctioning due to change of locations etc. information on these aspects will help your technician identify the root cause of the problem and give a permanent solution.

repair or replace the appliance

You should never ever ask for a quote at the first instance. After inspection, the fridge repair technician can check the parts and say the quote. Check if it is within your budget. If found suitable, repair or replace the appliance.

Misfortune does not come single. So are the cases with electronic appliances. They can break down at the important moments. There are many examples. It is on a rainy day, that amidst the freezing weather, you find that that the electricity has been switched off. When you switched on the UPS, the geyser mal-functioned and you had to heat the water in the gas stove. Or the AC went kaput in the hot summer.

Buying an expensive customer care electronic appliance, does not mean that it will last a lifetime. You have to give it for proper service maintenance. Every brand will have its own distinctive features and benefits. But it is with the maintenance that you can make the electronic appliance perform to its full potential and last its lifetime. Good Luck!!

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