Conducting Online Electrical Checks in Homes – The Need of the Hour

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The very mention of “HOME” and one is reminded of the love, safety and security. Safety and security of family members assumes prime importance for any individual. If you are a family elder, it is vital that regular checks be conducted on plumbing, electrical systems and water purification appliances to ensure security for all the members. When it comes to electricity and electronic appliances, maintenance and routine checks are vital to ensure the safety of children in the family. A small electrical default can result in fires; imperfect electrical wiring can result in loss of lives. In case of emergencies, the situation has to be handled with caution and expertise. In this article you will be given information on the reasons to conduct regular checks and the signs which can inform you about the potential mishaps.

You always stay in a positive frame of mind. It is quite natural that the electrical system in the home is taken for granted. Unfortunately, there always have been mishaps and they have resulted in hundreds of physical injuries along with damage to property.

So how do you prevent these unfortunate situations? Easy! Get the services of an experienced electrician. But how do you search for one? There is an easy method. In recent times, in developed and developing countries, a new set of companies are setting the trend of offering quality services at the customer’s doorstep. For example, if you are searching for the best electrician service in Bangalore, there are many companies which offer doorstep services through their apps. You just have to download the app, fix the date, time and the professional will come to your house to offer the best service.

Now, coming to the topic, shall we look into the signs that can spell physical harm or injury?

Signs To Look For

Outdoor Inspection

• If your home is getting electricity through the overhead wires, have a professional trim the leaves and branches adjacent to electrical lines.
• If you have a garden, keep the bushes and other plants free of cables or wires on the surface of the home.
• Always examine the breaker panels every month. Be careful when you open the small lid to examine the interior of the panel. A burnt or scorched area or loose wiring and you know there is requirement for professional servicemen.

Indoor Inspection
• If you suffer from electrical blackouts, then it is a sure sign have an inspection. If you encounter mild electrical current in the switch board or sockets, then the wiring may have been exposed to water. So, consider hiring the services of a home electrician to sort the issue.

• If you are prone to regular dips in voltage, and the results areflickering bulbs then it is a symptom of damage to the electrical wires. Bulbs will always be the first to malfunction, if their watts consumption will not match the outlet. In case of open outlets, consider having them sealed. Cordon off the area if there is water seepage.

• Every electronic appliance has been manufactured to cater to the fluctuating voltage in a home. But there are times when malfunctioning can happen in the appliance. In similar situations, the plug could spark a fuse or the adapter can get heated up. Do not fumble with the electrical outlet. Overloading is one of the major factors associated with power outages and shocks. It is mandatory to know the appliances that require more electricity.

• The electrician who designed the wiring during the building of the house will have ensured that every circuit board can only take a specific load. Let us imagine, if the dishwasher is switched on or in case of turning on the air-conditioner causes the light to dip, please note the circuit has become damaged and is unable to take on the excess load.

As a family member, you should always keep the eyes open for wire damage. It can get damaged by rats and rodents. Do not forget to take note of the rainwater accumulating in the terrace or basement. If the water touches the circuits, it may result in severe damage or loss of life. Water and electricity are just the opposites – they should never mix with each other. Many of the accidents are linked with electronic appliances that are close to water. The places – kitchens, garages, washrooms etc.

If you feel that it is not possible to solve the electrical problem with the DIY method, then do not forget to hire the services of a licensed electrician. Are you having doubts about securing their services? Fear not, there are many home based handyman companies which have reputed electricians in their vendor list. You just have to download the app, and select the suitable electrician to cater to the requirements.

If you hire the services of a qualified electrician, the inspection will –

• Identify if any of the electrical equipment or circuit has been damaged.
• Notify you of any shock risks or fire hazards.
• Highlight the areas which require bonding or earthing.

It is vital that proper results can be attained only from licensed and qualified electricians from reputed companies which provide every sort of doorstep home services in Bangalore (and other metropolitan cities of developed and developing countries). To ensure the health, safety and security of the family, it is mandatory that electrical inspection be carried out atleast every six months.

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