Common Types of Refrigerator Repairs

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common refrigerator problems

In this era of fast paced life, Mother Nature has been so kind to the mankind. Hardly five decades ago in India, there were few methods to prevent food spoil. But now, numerous appliances have come to save food such as fridge and microwave oven. There are two electronic appliances which generally help housewives in case of cooking. One is the electronic refrigerator and the second is microwave oven. The fridge, as understood correctly, can be labelled as one of the essential ingredients of a home. But similar to every electronic appliance, it also has to be checked every now and then for regular maintenance to keep the appliance in sharp working condition.

common fridge problems

Shall we look at some of the common problems faced by refrigerators –

• Do you find puddles under the fridge? If you have an older fridge ,then you get a similar problem. It is enough proof that there is a problem in the sealing portion. Have you ever suffered a shock? It made your hair stand up straight. Now imagine the danger of having water around an electronic appliance? Did it give you the creeps? Well, better call a qualified fridge repair expert as soon as possible.

• Do you hear the fridge making noise? Then the problem is caused by the dysfunctional freezer fan. It has gone out of its place or you may have to replace the part.

• One of the most common problems with any fridge brand. It could be the building of frost or ice in the freezer. It is a sign that the evaporator fan does not work properly.

• The door which makes the coolness remains in the fridge. Do you have children in the house? Then they may cause the door more harm. The door can crack or the seal will get compromised. But you can easily identify the problem.

• When the fridge is working properly, you can keep food in the fridge from getting spoilt. But in case of a malfunctioning fridge, then you may have to toss every item to the dust bin.

Do you find the temperature is not cold?
Then there is a problem with defrost thermostat. In case of frost, the part has to be replaced. The condenser coils have to be cleaned. Are you the DIY expert? Try but in case of more doubts, call an experienced fridge repair expert.

Ice Maker – The ice maker module may have suffered damage and has to be replaced. It can also be the result of water inlet valve that has become clogged. You can check anyhow for tears or kinks. But if you are a novice to fridges, it is better to call a pro.

The Refrigerator Is Not Working – It could be due to the failure of electronic control board. The reasons can be many such as a sudden power surge, open circuits, worn out relays. The board may have to be replaced.

The Fridge Does Not Dispense Water Nor Ice – Do you change the filter regularly? In due course of time, the water filter in the fridge can collect, store the debris and contaminants. So, it is better to change the filter.

Other Common Problems
If you have condenser coils that are visible at the back of your fridge, then they can become a hot place for dust and cobwebs. It is mandatory to clean them once a month.

• In case the evaporator fan motor ceases to work, then there will be no cold air in the food compartment. So you will require professional assistance to either replace or repair the motor.

• Similarly, if the condenser fan motor does not work, then there will be no air drawn over the compressor or the condenser coils. You have to take professional help.

• If you have a faulty start capacitor, then the compressor will not start.

• As with all cooling electronic appliances, the most common problems will be associated with cooling. If your fridge shows a value and then does not keep the temperature down, there is a problem. There is a myth that the cooling problem is related to the amount of Freon. But in reality, the Freon or liquid does not get spoilt. In fact, it may leak. This is due to the damage of the casing in freezer compartment when you are shifting the home to a new area. The other malfunctions are related to faulty wiring, malfunctioning in the wiring, compressor or thermostat.

common repairs in a fridge

The nuclear family is the order of the day in urban cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. The husband and wife go to work, and the children to college or school. The elders lead a retired life. There is no proper time to cook tasty food nor search for fresh vegetables in the market. So the best way is to preserve food in the fridge and in the evening heat in the microwave oven.

But what if the appliance does not work? Then you will have to settle for a qualified fridge technician. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore and the fridge has helped as a able companion for the past five years. For some time, it is not working properly, and the warranty period has also expired. Now where you will search for the best fridge repair technician in Bangalore? You will have to depend on referrals or place a request to the technician at the authorised center to come to your house. But there is a easy way out. There are home maintenance companies in Bangalore who offer the best top quality repair services at the customer doorstep. They have in their customer list some of the best repair professionals.

To avail of their service, you just have to download the app, and install in the mobile. You can hire the services of a technician who does the best fridge repair in Bangalore. You can schedule the service as per your own convenience. On the scheduled day, the concerned technician will come to your home and fix the appliance back to normal.

Now do you know about the common repairs in a fridge? Kindly tell us if we have missed a valuable point by putting a review in the comments section.

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