Wet AC Service: What Are the Benefits and How Does It Work?

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wet ac service

Why Is Wet AC Service Beneficial and How Does It Work?

Air conditioners generally accumulate grime, dust, dirt, and rubbles while running. The dust upsurge can block the cooling machine from providing efficient cooling.


The wet AC service is a freshly incorporated process that indulges water mediation and dust and dirt cleaning. The method needs below-described.


Air Filter and Fin Cleaning:

When the water filter is dirty, dust particles and debris may build up, preventing it from functioning correctly. The accumulation of grime also inhibits the formation of ice, which hinders cooling.


The technician washes it to remove the grime. In addition to cleaning the condenser fins, mold and dust build-up are effectively removed from the condenser.


AC Condenser and Evaporator Coil/Fans Cleaning:-

The two most vulnerable parts of an Air-conditioner by the influence of dust particles are the condenser and evaporator coil. AC specialists will inspect these two integral components thoroughly to offer the most thorough cleaning possible.


Check For Leakage In Condenser And Evaporator Coils:

During AC wet service, the AC machinist must ensure no water leakage or build-up anywhere unit. They must also check for potential leaks from pipes and tubes installed into the AC unit. We have employed skilled AC engineers to sanitize the drains through high water pressure. You will see your AC appliance free from grime and fragments, along with preventing the risk of water leaks by doing that.


Inspection of Overall Unit:-

As the engineer who performs AC wet service, it is their responsibility to look for any breaks within individual units of the Air-conditioning device.


Opting for routine AC service helps get the best out of an Air-conditioning device by servicing the compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, and thermostat.


AC Wet Service: How Does It Work?


Power Off The Air Conditioner

You should turn off the power at your breaker box to keep you and your family safe. You need to do it in a day because there are minimal requirements for light. Your terrace or ventilation hole over the roof can shed light on the AC.


Remove The AC Unit From The Wall.

The Blower unit’s evaporator coil has an entrance attached to it. You may need to expel baulk channel tape. The opening is usually fastened with a few pins or spikes.


You cannot do it without opening the AC when you want wet service. Don’t forget to hire a professional to perform such a sensitive job, and Keyvendors is the best company for AC repair in Gurgaon.


Sanitization Of The Evaporator Coils 

Use a gentle brush to eliminate dirt from the coil. The dirt and wreckages will contain in the unit spread over your house. The contaminants present in the polluted air can uncover the risk of respiratory issues, skin allergies and more.


The accurate cleaning solution is to get coil cleaner from the nearby home improvement shop. Sprinkle foam as much as possible and reach the tiny regions you cannot get by your hands.


Hose Down AC Drain Faucet

Wash out the drain faucet; you can use warm and soft detergent to clean. Moreover, bleach is also an excellent material to help wipe out grime and pollutants in the drain valve. Combine an equal quantity of bleach and water. Now drop this solution in the drain pan to ensure cleaning. You can prevent drain pot from algae by buying Ac drain pan capsules at local hardware and home improvement shop.


Cleaning AC Unit Externally

Sanitizing the external unit and condenser soil needs intense effort compared to handling the interior part of the unit. The external component of the cooling device is continuously meeting sunrays, seasonal conditions and dirt around the unit.


This component acquires tremendous muck with the consistent subjection to the outer ambient. A dedicated tool and machinery are necessary to clean it.


Eliminating Wreckages in Air Conditioner

The air exchanger device can collect the dirt, grime and contaminants based on unit type. The basic model doesn’t have specialized protection to prevent rubbles from coming via the upper side of the fan.


The wreckages can include leaves, bird stool, wings, plantation, soil etc.  Either remove rubbles through hand or use a dry or wet vacuum to flush it out.


Fins and Coils Cleansing

You will require a coil cleaning agent accessible at any local hardware shop. The condenser coil cleaner is highly corrosive and can lead to scratches, irritation and burns.


The vapour coming from the cleanser is also harmful to your health, so don’t use this cleaner on your indoor coil.  Prepare cleaning solutions per the cleaner’s instructions and pour them into your pump sprinkler.


Shower it on coils that will spume up in a couple of minutes; you can rinse it off with your water pipe. Never use a pressure pipe for this process because the fins are subtle and extreme force can easily break them.


Flatten the Air Conditioner’s Fins

When the air conditioner has twisted find, it gives insufficient air. You need to buy a fin tool. It is an affordable kit with fangs that let you scour a specific number of fins per centimeter.


Always use the correct quantity of fins per centimeter for your AC. Please carefully scrub behind the fins to make it as usual as earlier.


What Are The Benefits of Wet AC Service?

You may not know about the multiple benefits of wet AC service:-


Prolonged AC lifespan: The periodic wet service keep your AC active, young and maintained. The maintained AC provides elevated cooling capacity. The more you maintain your AC, the longer it has a lifecycle.  


Up To Date Efficiency: When we ignore AC cleaning and wet service, it leads to wear and tear over the period. The dirty air filter can hinder airflow, and that can cause AC to work harder. The clogged drain can make your entire AC dirty and create a foul odor. Bad odor can create health issues. Hence, regular wet service can increase the efficiency of your cooling appliance.


Sufficient cooling: It naturally provides adequate cooling if you conduct frequent Ac servicing. Even routine maintenance can enhance the performance of your AC.  


Low Electricity Consumption and Expenses:  recurrent AC Tune-ups is a booster for AC life. A well maintained, serviced and repaired AC runs longer and consumes less power. Low power consumption results in reduced energy expenses.


No Chance Of Breakdown:  Just you take care of your body and mind by consuming good food, nutrients, exercise, cleaning and all that to stay healthy and fit; similarly, your AC needs such care. If your AC has regular cleaning and service, there is no chance of breakdown.


When You Should Consider Wet AC Service

There is no specific time to consider wet service. We advise every air condition user to perform wet service every 3-4 months. Always try to hire an expert for the job instead of doing it yourself.



The selection of players is vital to winning a match, so if you want a victory over AC defects and breakdowns, kindly consider wet service through experts. Keyvendors have abundant AC reparation and overhauling technicians to perform the job effectively.

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