How to fix a zipper

how to fix a zipper

A broken zipper should not be the end of your bag or jacket; there are several ways to fix a zipper without installing a new one. Zip fasteners are a common piece in garments and bags that are often so efficient that they are practically not noticed until they are ruined. One of the most frequent failures in these mechanisms occurs when teeth become misaligned. When this happens, the zipper moves without control backward and forwards, but it is not able to join the two parts of the closure. But do not lose control because you can save the garment by fixing the zipper. This piece is typical of many pants, jackets, bags, suitcases, and others. Generally, a zipper opens and closes the pants on the front.

Changing or fixing a zipper is difficult for someone who does not know about sewing. It is not as simple as sewing a button that has fallen, because you must do it well to make it work. Are you looking for separating zippers for tailoring needs? If it is a simple repair on the zip because it has slipped, you should examine the zipper to identify the cause why it is not closed. Look for the thread or material caught and cut the fabric trapped in the zipper with scissors before pulling the slide over the congested area. Next, lubricate the teeth of the rack by brushing a beeswax bar along them, while the slider is pushed to the side.

You will have fixed the zipper when you pull the slider from one end to the other a couple of times to completely cover the teeth. We have separating zippers for tailoring needs? A gap in the zipper is a common break in this type of material. To do this, remove the metal stop on the end of the zipper. You can use a pair of tweezers to pull out this metal bar and move the slider down under the zipper, carefully realigning the teeth as you go. Now you need a needle and a strong nylon thread and tie it to one end. Finally, insert the needle through the damaged side of the zipper base and stitch each stitch.

You’ll have the zipper fixed by custom zippers available at Another repair needed by the zipper may be to replace the handle. So, remove the slider completely with a clip. You can use jewelry wire to create a decorative pearl or button handle by threatening it through one end of the wire. Next, tie the wire around a bead, leaving the free end of the wire to attach it to the slider’s loop. And, well, you have repaired a part of the zipper that tends to break. The custom zippers available at have been a real revolution in clothes that we are not always aware of until they unfortunately break. No more having to throw a favorite garment or take it to the tailor or seamstress paying a high price to keep it. Now you have the keys so that the garment is in perfect condition.


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