Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics in Today’s World

machine learning

The rapid advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics are exponentially transforming industries and lives of people across the world. Our way of working, our way of living, and our methods of interaction with others are all expected to be transformed at a rate and level that will be beyond anything human history has ever experienced. This huge technological cum industrial revolution is expected to enhance our lives and societies and bring sophistication beyond imagination. While there will be massive negative effects too, hopefully, human evolution will be able to cope up. Now let’s look at how AI, machine learning, and robotics are expected to change our ways and has already modified certain sectors:

1. Economy, Business, and Industries
Artificial intelligence has immense potential to benefit a company or a country’s economy by bringing advanced evolution in work and an increase in production. Robots and AI enable people to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately, not always take their jobs. The combination of man and machine was always unstoppable and this is the prime reason why these technologies are in such demand in today’s world.

With deep learning and machine learning, AI will evolve to be smarter with each new innovation, thus will increase a business’s efficiency and reduce human errors and costs. The manufacturing sector, designing companies, logistics, analytics, quality control, and research are the prime sectors to derive direct benefits from the AI revolution.

2. Humanity and Society
AI has already started to show its benefits in security and analysis of huge data through its application in facial recognition, pattern identification, and digital content analysis. AI enhances information input, processing, and output whilst maintaining maximum efficiency. It is helping numerous organizations to create new opportunities for masses and to generate new streams for revenue, savings, and jobs each year.

AI can easily handle mundane tasks, like data entry, processing, answering emails, etc. in much less time and cost. AI-powered smart homes can effectively provide better security measures and cut down on energy use, thus encouraging sustainable environmental development.

Quality of life and health is bound to get better with newer innovations in AI, take as an example, smartwatches dictating BP, walking distances, etc.

3. Health care and Medicine
Health care providers will get better in diagnosis, patient monitoring, patient counseling, research, dispensing, generating feedback, etc. because an AI can handle these tasks tirelessly 24/7 and with more efficiency with a human’s collaboration.

Doctors can provide improved diagnosis and treatment by using AI-generated images and scans. AI revolution will not only change how our present healthcare system works but will also reduce the financial baggage of an enterprise.

AI has already found its application in delivering criminal justice, civil constructions, archaeological excavations, forensic analysis, financial planning, drug designing, surgeries, entertainment sector, restaurants, and even aiding in machine learning. These are just a few handful sectors where AI can improve service and just the tip of the iceberg where it can extend its hand. But, there are thousands of more fields, beyond the reach of human capabilities and imagination where AI can make lives easier.

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