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What is article rewriting and what can I use article rewriter tool for?

Article rewriting is a method used to recreate already existing articles on web. This means you rewrite the article, replacing certain words or phrases and even paragraphs. The essence and content remains the same, but it is written by synonymic words. Article rewriting can be done by

a) Content creators. This means the process will be manual.
b) Using an article rewriter tool. This means the process will be automated.

Why is article rewriting done?
Article rewriting is a technique used by SEO experts. There many ways article rewriting is done. For starters, famous web content which has received tremendous viewership, when spun, can promise similar views for your own website. Secondly, it saves so much time! Spinning takes hardly, if any, work. All you have to do is search for content online that is high quality. Then you copy paste the content in the article rewriter tool of your choice, and wait for the magic to happen. Thirdly, you save a lot of money. As a content manager for your website, you can’t produce all the content by yourself. If you want original content, you need to hire additional content creators. These people charge you a ton load. Imagine not having to pay any of these people. Fourthly, you make a lot of money. Saving is one thing; making additional cash is another. Good quality content creators charge a lot. When you just get the content spun, your production cost is nothing and views high since the content quality is good.

Webmasters having more than 3 website also use this tool to post content regularly. But a lot of changes required after you spin article using some online tool. Because, Most of the spinner do not correct grammar mistakes.For that we recommend you to use grammar checker tool just like Grammarly. Search Engines ranks quality content faster than others.

When should you use article rewriter tool?
Well, of course, everything comes with consequences. There can be some for using spun content too (we will discuss these next). But if you are willing to take the risk, you can use content spinning for

a) Saving money
b) Making extra bucks
c) When you are short on time, and need a lot of content to be posted.

What can be the consequences of using spun content?
When you are using tools to spin content, it can’t be very helpful. As a reader, you need the content to flow naturally. This means things should be logically fitting. There are many synonyms that exist to one word, but context matters highly here. So a lot of times the high quality content that you are using can be a total crap in terms of structure.

Secondly, plagiarism has its own consequences. You can be sued for spinning, and using someone else’s content. So every time pass your content from plagiarism after you rewrite your article.

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