What Foundation Should I Use? Top Ten Best Foundation

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Each one has different characteristics and qualities. You wonder “what foundation should I use?”. This article will give you all information you need about foundations which helps you solve the question “What foundation should I use?”.

I. What is foundation?
Foundation is a skin-colored makeup. They have many types and many colors. These products help you to have your skin tone and color as you want. They help to hide the flaws and scars on your skin, as well.

II. Why do you need to wear foundation?
Foundation not only covers your skin and improve its appearance but also protect your face away from the pollution and the sun. Skin foundation can be an anti-aging benefit. These days, the environment is more populated with the dust and dirt by the transportation and the industrial factories. A daily moisturizer, cream or lotion can’t stop pollution damage your skin. Wearing foundation can make a barrier which prevents the bust and dirt attack your skin. In the night, when you come back home, you just need to wash your face off, and the pollutants will go away. The sunlight provides vitamin D for your body through the skin. On the other hand, the sunlight also damages your skin with UV rays. Thus, you should protect your skin from the damage of the sun. You can wear sunscreen to prevent the sunlight, but some foundations now have the function of a sunscreen. Why don’t you choose to wear a foundation to have the desired skin and still protect your skin from the sunlight? When you want to change skin tone to suit clothes or event, a foundation will be your healer. One more benefit of foundations is to complement your skin. Different type of foundations can use for various skin. If you have oily skin, you can choose an oil-free foundation which will help your skin won’t be overly oily. If you want to reduce the oil, you can get oil absorbing foundations. Many other foundations can rehydrate and provide the moisture for your dry skin. I will recommend you some best foundation for each type of skin.

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III. What foundation should I use?

1. How to find foundation color for your skin?
First thing is that you need to understand your undertone. People often have three types of undertone. If your skin is more blue, pink, or red, your undertone is cool. It will be warm if your skin is more golden, yellow or peach. If your skin combines cool and warm colors, it is a neutral undertone. How to determine your undertone? Here are some testes, you can try. If you have naturally black, blonde, or brown hair and green, blue or grey eyes, your undertone is cool. Black, strawberry blonde, or auburn hair and hazel, drown, or amber eyes indicate a warm undertone. If you suit silver jewelry, your undertone is cool. It will be warm if you suit with gold jewelry. Another way to indicate your undertones is looking at your inner wrist vein. Blue veins mean that you have a cool undertone. Green veins show that your undertone is cool. The neutral tone when your veins combine both blue and green. What foundation should I use if I have warm or cool undertones? A foundation with a rose, red or blue base is with cool undertones, and warm undertones should choose a gold or yellow base foundation. When you buy products, you can ask the advice from beauty experts. You should try to find a makeup store which has the specialist. You can lighten your foundation if you blend it with a sponge or make it darker if you apply it with your fingers.

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2. How to choose formula foundation?
We have many formulas of foundations. You should know which formula is the best to match your type of skin. Firstly, let talk about the powder foundation which is suit oily skin. The powder will help to absorb the oil on the face. We have cream-to-powder and mineral powder. Anyone can wear liquid foundation. Water-based formulas are the best for oily skin. If you have a normal or dry skin, you should choose the tinted moisturizer foundation which has a lightweight formulation. Cream and sticks are also for normal and dry skins. If you have aging skin mousse is your best choice.

3. Top rated foundation
If you still wonder “What foundation should I use?” you can consider top ten best foundations.

– Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation SPF 15
This is a great ideal for oily skin with a lightweight formula which blends easily. It also can use as a sunscreen with SPF index is 15.

– Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15
This product also has SPF 15 and easily blendable and long-lasting. Therefore, if you want to have perfect foundation layer for whole day long, you should choose it.

– Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15
Because of its good coverage, this product is your choice, if you want to hide scars or blemishes.

– Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Make up SPF 10
It owns a cult following so that it has phenomenal color range, long-lasting results, and great coverage.

– Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15
Oily skin matches perfectly with its oil-free formulation ideal for buildable coverage.

– Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation
This product has excellent coverage and true luminosity.

– Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
It has good coverage and concealing imperfections. Your skin will be soft and smooth all day caused by hyaluronic acid spheres suspended.

– Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation
The good point is it gives us the comfortable feeling when we wear it all day. This is an attractive choice for oily skin because of its oil-free formula.

– Guerlain lingerie DePeau Indivisible Skin Fusion Foundation SPF 20
As SPF 20 index it will be a great sunscreen foundation. Lingerie De Peau means lingerie for the skin, so it gives skin a flaw natural complexion.

– Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
It can protect against free radicals because it has antioxidants properties. With a large range of colors to suit many skin tones.

Now you don’t get into trouble with the question ‘What foundation should I use?’ anymore.

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