What is Pregnancy Due Date and how to Check?

how to check pregnancy

Pregnancy for sure, is the happiest part of a woman’s life. Many women, start making pre-preparations before the delivery out of excitement. There are many things done to welcome the baby home and the mothers select the best things for their babies once they are sure about the gender of the baby. From room planning to cloth selection, everything is done with great excitement and happiness to welcome the new baby home. However, many people do not realize how important the “selection” of things is. People just go selecting the things that they think look visually appealing or attractive and when they prepare they baby room, stuff the cots with toys which might seem like soft, cotton balls to you but they actually are materials that your baby can choke upon. Hence, selection of things which is suitable for the baby is very important.

It is best to educate yourself about things that you do not know about or things that you want to know further about. Pregnancy education can be done by reading books or simply relaxing in the bed and finding things online.

Pregnancy due date is basically calculated by adding about 40 weeks or in short 280 days into the date when you had your last period cycle. This way, you will be able to know when your “expected” delivery is and many women prefer knowing this because they have to prepare and even if they do not have to prepare things physically, then being mentally ready for the upcoming thing is also very important.

Pregnancy due date gives women a rough idea of when they should be ready. Although, the doctors do tell you when your delivery is going to be and the baby’s development, but they always hide it till the last moment and sometimes, the baby is delivered before the date.

Many due date calculators are available which will help you calculate your required or needed date with in seconds and efficiently. These calculators are free.

how to check pregnancy

Selection of the doctor that will deliver your baby is extremely important. After you have selected the doctor to deliver your baby, you must also look for the labor. The place where the baby will be delivered should be clean and comfortable and this is also included in the pre preparation of the baby.

Afterwards, you can educate yourself. You can prepare a little room for the baby before the delivery, and this can be done after the baby is born as well because the baby would not be sleeping in the room on its own for about a year or two. However, you can know the gender and pack the clothes, pampers, good quality feeding bottles, seasonal clothes, milk powder according to the age and that is pretty much all you would need in the hospital. Also pack the things you need for your own self.

Also buy baby kits. Baby kits have everything in the boxes and you do not have to collect things. good quality feeding bottles must be selected. Select all the toys which you are sure that won’t joke the baby. Don’t stuff the cot with a lot of toys. That will fill up the space in the cot.

Know what you need and what not. Avoid purchasing unneeded things.

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