Traditional Banners Vs Online Banner Advertising

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Traditional Banners Vs Online Banner Advertising

Banner advertising has been around for ages. It is one of the most effective tools developed by the mass communication media for advertising.

There are a variety of advantages of banner advertising confirms the best ad agency in Pune. People find banner ads attractive and show a high recall value of banner ads.

As the years have gone by banner advertising has transformed and transcended traditional media formats. Banner advertising is also available via digital formats. One can display banners online through a Search Engine’s display network.

A banner advertising agency in Pune has compared both traditional banners as well as online banners and says there are pros and cons to both forms of ads. So, one must choose what is suitable for their campaign.

Traditional Banners:

Traditional banners are a hot favorite amongst advertisers of all types of products and services. They appeal to the masses in the opinion of a banner advertising agency.

In a time where we are always in front of either a TV screen or a laptop screen or a mobile screen, banners have an old-worldly appeal to them. They are a part of the real world and are therefore easy to remember.

Graphic design companies say that designing a traditional banner is a very challenging task. A traditional banner is posted on different platforms such as roads, railway stations, park benches and even shopping malls.

These areas have a high footfall and putting up traditional banners can help your brand gain visibility and improve your reach. A strategically placed banner has the ability to bring customers right up to your door. The banners must be designed carefully to be attractive, colorful and eye-catching.

When using a traditional banner following are some important pointers given by the printing agency in Pune:

● Design the banner according to the medium i.e. is it a hoarding? Or a banner at a college event? Or a banner you will put up on a bus stop? Depending on this choose your design.
● Let the logo of your company be prominent. People tend to remember logos more than the name of the company.
● Create only one call to action. Multiple call to actions can be confusing for the consumer. So, keep it simple.

Traditional Banners Vs Online Banner Advertising

Online Banners:
A banner advertising agency in Pune has observed that online banner advertising is a big industry in India. Online banners are finding more takers now due to the easy access to smartphones and the internet.

Online banners can be put up through ad networks available online. Most search engines have a strong display ad network. Online banner ads can be either images, or videos, or animated media ads. A graphic design company in Pune said that there are different types of online banner ads.

A banner ad could be:

1. A leaderboard ad – visible at the top of a website
2. A skyscraper ad – found at the right or left sides of the screen
3. A pop-up ad – appears in the middle of the screen and can be manually closed by the user

The best ad agency in Pune explains that while online banner ads have the potential of reaching millions of people in a day, these people may not be your target audience. Therefore, you must choose between reach and targeted reach.

Both traditional banners and online banners are here to stay. A graphic design company in Pune stated that no matter which medium you choose, the design of the banner has to be impactful. The design should resonate with your target audience and bring home the numbers for your business.

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