Things You Need to Know About Instant Apps on Android

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As the world is evolving every year with the development of native apps and web apps, Google came with the concept of Android Instant Apps, the whole new way of using Google apps without having to download and install them. Since the evolution of instant apps in 2016 at Google’s I/O developer conference, it has been growing tremendously among developers and users by delivering an instant-app experience. Known as the lighter version of web apps with a slight change of android native apps, many Android App Developers prefer working with Instant apps instead of the native version of mobile apps. Let’s find out everything you need to know about Android Instant Apps and how they are becoming the new era of mobile apps.

What Is Android Instant App And How It Work?
In simple words, Instant App can be defined as a technology that offers the native experience of Android apps without explicit installation. These apps have a unique feature enabling users to click on the “try now” button next to “install” on the app details screen in the Google Play store. Once the user clicks on the try now button, he/she can check out the virtual app that is installed on the smartphone without installing it. Only the necessary modules that developers declare as an instant app in their file will be downloaded at that time, which enables users to experience the app briefly. This helps in saving the storage space in the device if the app size is large by giving an option to have a sneak peek into the app features without installation.

If you are wondering how the android instant app works, the answer is simple. The idea lies in breaking the parts of native mobile apps into small segments enabling them to run seamlessly on users’ devices without the need of visiting the Google Play store and downloading the same. Users can instantly test a lighter version of the app, which is why it can be termed as a fusion of mobile & web apps, quick as a web app, and functionality as a native mobile app. These apps can be a great advantage for commercial and gaming industries as they have the smart advertising potential with an instant app preview.

What Makes Instant Apps Better than Full Native Apps?
Android Instant Apps can be a better choice for users than native mobile apps as they help in removing the commitment anxiety & engaging users who are hesitant to install apps on their mobile devices. Here are some of the reasons why users prefer instant apps over full apps:

  • Visiting the Google Play store to search and download the full version of an app (which may be around 100 to 200 MB in size) needs a strong internet connection & willingness to pay for data if you aren’t on Wi-Fi.
  • The full app requires more storage space on users’ devices & if any user has low storage issues in their devices, installing an app can be the problem, which is not the case in an instant app.
  • A quick trial to the app can be availed by users as instant apps are the lighter version of the native android app allowing instant tests of the app features without downloading it.

How Instant Apps Can Help Your Business Grow?
Every Android App Development Company is looking forward to the next great step in mobile app development with the launch of Android instant apps. One of the main reasons why users love these apps is that they create a seamless experience with one click away trial of the app functionality. This is the best feature for those users who are not interested in keeping an app for long on their mobile devices. Many eCommerce businesses can benefit from instant apps as they provide users with an instant app experience of their products. This means that users no longer have to search your app, which increases brand awareness with the quick trial of the app without installing the full app. Due to its immense business benefits; several organizations are adopting an instant app development approach to attract and engage customers to add more value to their businesses.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Android Instant Apps:
Easy Access: Instant apps provide easy access by reducing the number of taps that users would take to go to a certain page in the app & helping in attracting more users towards the app quickly.

Saves Storage: These apps can help in saving the storage space on smartphones without unnecessary app downloads to find the best one.

Trial Before Download: With a sneak of app features through the “Try now” option, users can check out the app without installing it reducing chances of abandoned apps.

Conclusion: Hopefully, you must have got an idea that android instant apps are here to stay and can represent a tech breakthrough in the world of mobile app development. If you are planning to build an instant app for your business, it’s the right time to create new opportunities with smart advertising & presenting their products at users’ fingertips through a single click. Go for instant android app development and make your product reach potential buyers while increasing their customer experience. If you are wondering how much would it cost to build an app for your business, use a smart App Cost Calculator and get a quick estimate of development cost to help you plan your budget better?

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