Samsung 2, iPhone 1: Here’s why we think Samsung’s latest flagship phone is the winner!

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Samsung Galaxy S9

A little comparison between tech-giants won’t hurt anybody:
Whenever Samsung or iPhone releases its flagship, the comparison of both begins. The loyal users from both the sides find themselves in a heated argument. The argument is not only based on the better features or specification, it’s even based on how expensive the phone is.

The latest flagship released by two tech-giants, Samsung and iPhone are, Samsung Galaxy s9 and iPhone X. And like every other article based on these two objects, here we are comparing another factor of both the mobile phones.

Well, when it comes to ‘money talk,’ Samsung wins effortlessly. And when we are living in Pakistan, the money factor matters the most. IPhone X price in Pakistan was rupess117, 999, whereas, Samsung Galaxy S9 price in Pakistan is 103,000 rupees. This shows that Samsung won fair and square at this point. But let’s talk more about the phones itself.

Out of the two, which one is the more stylish phone?
Let’s get straight to reality, Samsung Galaxy S9 looks 99% similar to the company’s previous flagship, Samsung Galaxy S8.

Even though Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Pakistan were lesser than Samsung Galaxy s9 price, which shows that there must be something amazing in that 1% difference.

Well yes, the sleek-design of Samsung S9 is similar to its previous successor but the wrongly located fingerprint sensor proved to be a big black spot in the stylish smartphone. Gladly, Samsung Galaxy S9 has the fingerprint sensor at the right place, which makes this correct placement, the mighty difference.

On the other hand, iPhone X is also one good-looking phone. The notch in iPhone X is top-notch, making the design 100% more stylish for sure.

I guess its pretty safe that iPhone X ruled over Samsung Galaxy S9 in the beauty department.

Which phone has the better camera result?
“The camera, redesigned,” this was the tagline of Samsung Galaxy S9 upon its release. Undoubtedly, this marketing strategy worked pretty well as most of the users expect these high-end brands to build cameras that has the best result. And this tagline built up immense anticipation in Samsung users.

Whereas, iPhone has always been in news for its amazing Camera result.

But Samsung successfully outshined iPhone X, with its amazing camera result. Using a dual aperture lens – supporting f/1.5 and f/2.4 modes – the phone adapts like the automatically switches between various lighting conditions, effortlessly.

This little comparison showed who the winner is.

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