Natural Vs Real Diamond

Natural Vs Real Diamond

All About Diamonds:-
Diamond is one of the Most Expensive & popular gemstones on Earth. Women Love Diamonds But there is Confusion Amongst the Crowd that How to Judge that Diamond is a Real Or Fake One because there are So Many Sellers of Diamonds Who cheats their Customers by selling a fake diamond for earning a handsome amount of profit. So How to come out from this Confusion that diamond they are purchasing is a real not fake.


Natural Vs Real DiamondBefore Going for a Diamond purchase you need to Research About Diamonds in detail because if you spend a Big Amount out of your Savings you Need to be attentive because one small mistake can lead to a Big loss and I hope no one wants to lose their money because one needs to work hard for earning a money. First Do a Research on the web before going for a Diamond purchase this is one of the Ways of Doing research another one takes an Advice from your Relative, Family or Friends if they are in the Same profession they might help you and Saves your Money from loosing. Here I am sharing with you some Useful information related to Diamond. Please Read this, It might Clear your Confusion and Helps you in Diamond Purchase.

Yes, natural diamond is real diamond formed inside the womb of Earth under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. These are formed at great depths beneath surface we live in, depth can be as thousands of miles under surface.

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Real is real, it has its own story and stress of formation in the womb of Earth. Not only formation but also it’s a journey to the surface is full stress and lava drama.
Not only this a real diamond travels many hands and country boundaries to reach a real women’s fingers.

Unreal diamond is only made in under controlled conditions and sometimes just enlarged to desired sizes fulfilling needs only. In detail real diamonds are just one carat per one tone of mining, means the outcome of 200 milligrams per one tone of mined derbis from Earth.

Also, real diamonds mining technology is super complicated and huge almost like a huge engineering marvel working on a big bigger infrastructure project.

Real diamonds are then cleaned up to shine and assorted to different ranges of quality and quantity, finally transferred to manufacturing hubs.

Manufacturing hubs as Israel and India then transform these to beautiful cut and polished stones for rings.

These diamonds own buyer real value, as these aren’t chunks of tightly bonded carbons but a real stone adding tradition and value to the wearer.

While fakes are just specially made carbon particles in lab conditions with less value and almost no future waiting for commercial and economies of scale to destroy value and truth.

So real is real and fake is just chukies waiting for their cheap brothers destroying their future.

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