How Engineering Admission Process works?

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If you have always fascinated about the machines, electric wires, computerised gadgets, cars or fixing things then the right option to choose after your higher secondary level is engineering. Or if you find creativity to see a under construction building or have enjoyed doing math and physics, chemistry more than doing the other subjects then one can be pretty much sure that they have a healthy curiosity and logical thinking and can therefore opt for an engineering course. As you see that in India, engineering is therefore seen as a way to nurture a career in business, government administrations and research.

Choosing the right subjects
If you are very much determined about your admission into an engineering institution then you must have science group in your higher secondary level just to pursue engineering. If you do not have science group in you higher secondary levels then you are not allowed to go for the various entrance exams which occur before getting admission into an engineering course.

So admission into a good institution is very much essential for a student to achieve a goal in their career. And JIS University colleges are therefore helping the aspirants to achieve their goal easily. Though today there are many engineering colleges out there, but among all we will give you some information about the JIS University Colleges and the various other courses offered by the college.

Courses offered by JIS University Colleges
As many colleges come under the JIS Group, so courses are therefore distributed evenly in every buildings of the University.  JIS University thus have contributed to the growth of higher education, research, entrepreneurship and various skill developments to blend traditional methods with the modern technology-enabled teaching and learning practices and Research and Development. Besides the normal traditional undergraduate and post-graduate courses it also offers integrated B.Sc courses like Physics, Chemistry, BBA, LLB, Biotechnology, Microbiology etc. The University also provides PhD and Masters Program in various courses as well. Among all, one course among the undergraduate program turns out to be the most popular one and that is the Computer Science Engineering. Though there are many computer science colleges in Kolkata. But you also find it available in almost all the other campuses of JIS group colleges as well such as GNIT, NIT, Kalyani JIS, and JIS University etc.

About the Department of Computer Science Engineering Department
If someone chooses this subject, then you have a chance to get high salary packages, vacancies in various other eminent companies in India as well as in abroad too. Even the IT companies recruit hundreds of CSE professionals every year. As presently, computing transcends boundaries by enabling multiple disciplines, connecting diverse peoples and cultures and globalising economies. Thus it is the Computer Science and Engineering students who have transformed our world in the last several decades the ways which were once considered to be a dream.

Facilities Offered

  1. All the JIS University students are offered with opportunities to express their skill, talent, and creativity in different fields even in field which are out of this curriculum like cultural events, tech fests and participating in various events.
  2. Arranging frequent seminars by professional professors or marketing head from eminent companies and universities.
  3. Provides well equipped high-tech machines for the laboratories.
  4. Library book bank is available whenever required.

Also organise various extracurricular events to keep the mind fresh for the students.

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