Fruits to Eat in Summer

fruits of summer season

Summer is a time when we sweat a lot. So, it is highly essential that you should make sure that you take the foods rich in water. The reason is that these foods will protect you from dehydration, even if you forget to drink water then and there. As most of us know, fruits are always healthy choices and when you take fruits that are dedicated to summer; you can spend those hot days with sheer comfort:

fruits of summer season

When talking about fruits rich in water content, watermelon is the first fruit that gets to our minds. Watermelon works great when it comes to replenishing the lost fluids in your body. Also, this fruit will keep you satiated as well. Further, the presence of lycopene in this fruit will safeguard your skin against the sun damage. Also, the vitamin C and A content in this fruit will keep you healthy.

Berries are little gems that are not just sweet but are also delicious. Further, they are packed with flavonoids that bring antioxidant benefits to your body. They will also ensure a healthy flow of blood to your skin and will bring down your sensitivity to light, thereby improving the appearance, texture, and structure of your skin.

When talking about summer, exotic fruits and tropical vacations get to your thoughts. Pineapples are ideal fruits for summer as they provide your body with a combination of enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins. These nutrients are capable enough of safeguarding your body against inflammation.

If you wish to add a nice topical kick to your summer dishes, you can add mangoes to your diet either in the form of salads, smoothies or yoghurt. These fruits are packed with Vitamin C and A, and they are rich in beta-carotene that will prevent cancer.

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When it comes to fruits rich in Vitamin C, we get to know oranges and lemons. But, you might be surprised to see that kiwis are even more vibrant in Vitamin C content. If you look for nutritious fruits for summer, you should choose kiwi. These fruits are rich in fibre, potassium, Vitamin C, and E contents.

Papaya is the best fruit for taking care of your skin during summer. It has natural exfoliating properties when used for the external purpose. Also, they are ideal for summer for internal consumption as well because of the best nutritional values. With the healthy dose of vitamin C, this fruit will help with fighting against colds. Further, the beta-carotene and vitamin C and E contents will help with bringing down inflammation in your body.

The smell of fresh citrus fruits very well helps you beat the heat of summer. With the richness of potassium, oranges are efficient in protecting you against muscle cramps when you work out a lot during summer. These fruits are rich in potassium content and other essential nutrients as well. Further, they contain 80 percent water to help keep hydrated all through the day.

With the richness in antioxidant properties, guava is a fruit that is effective in fighting prostate cancer. As compared to a single serving of banana, the same serving of guava contains more potassium.

Passion fruits:
If you have not heard about Passion fruit earlier, you should know that it is a native of South America. It is rich in fibre and vitamin A content and it will help with improving your vision and will bring down the cholesterol levels. With a single serving of this fruit, you will get double the quantity of potassium as compared to the same quantity of banana.

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The other two fruits ideal for summer are star fruits and peaches. While the former is rich in Vitamin C, the latter is rich both in Vitamin C and A. So, make the right choice of fruits to beat the heat this summer.

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