Top Superfoods for A Healthy Liver

tips for healthy liver

Liver is an important organ of the body
A liver is usually about 1.5 kilograms in a healthy adult body. It is considered as the powerhouse of the body because it is responsible for a bunch of important functions. These functions are related to immunity, digestion and metabolism.

It is the liver’s responsibility to keep the blood in your body pure. It flushes harmful toxins the blood out so that you can have pure blood carryingnutrients for the body’s using. Another advantage of the liver for the body’s blood is destroying old red blood cells in order to secretes essential chemicals for clotting blood when needed.

In addition, the liver is the storage of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are absorbed by the intestines.

Furthermore, liver is not only an organ but also a gland. It produces chemicals which are required by other parts of the body.

Because of these amazing functions, we need to optimize the liver’s functions and cleanse this vital organ. If you do not, the liver will overwork and give us bad performances. Moreover, the risks of some health problems will increase.

Top Superfoods for A Healthy Liver
Due to the need for a healthy liver, which is stable and functioning, I guess that you will be glad to explore which foods can help.

1. Green tea
Green tea is very famous for its detoxifying abilities. Therefore, you should use green tea to remove harmful toxins and fat deposits from your body. This method is more essential for those who drinking much alcohol like beer and liquor. Moreover, many studies have shown that drinking green tea daily can give us a strong body with strong immunity which is like a shield to prevent us from having cancer. As a result, green tea can prevent liver diseases such as liver cancer. Catechins, the compound found in green tea, can promote lipid catabolism in the liver. Thereby, fat are prevented to accumulate in the liver. The hydration is stimulated also when consuming this drink.

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It is up to you to choose dried or fresh green tea leaves, but I think fresh leaves are better because all the nutrients are completely kept. You can add some cubes of sugar or some honey to your glass of green tea for more flavor.

2. Turmeric
What makes turmeric belong to the Top Superfoods for A Healthy Liver is the curcumin compounds. It produces an enzyme which can help detox the liver named glutathione S-transferase. In addition, it regenerates damaged liver cells. It also help digesting fats in the body.

To take use of turmeric, you should try to use it every day. Boil the mixture of ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder and a glass of water then drink it once or twice a day. Or you can use turmeric as spice in your daily cooking so that your dishes will have beautiful colorand mild flavor.

We can strengthen our liver, but there are some ones who have weak body conditions. Therefore, they can be with a chronic disease called Cirrhosis. Now is the time for turmeric show its abilities. It is not only the liver’s supporter but also the treatment.

3. Avocado
In addition to curing kidney infection, being super famous for its abilities in skincare, avocado is also one among other foods of the Top Superfoods for A Healthy Liver. Avocado contains high levels of minerals, vitamins and plant nutrients which help digesting fats and strengthen liver’s health. The fatty flesh of this fruit is very rich in glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant which is very helpful in detoxifying the liver. The level of monounsaturated fat in avocado is so high that the good kind of cholesterol is increased and the bad kind of cholesterol is decreased.

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To reduce liver damage and support overall liver health, you should eat about 2 avocados a week and keep the process for a few months. It is convenient that we can use avocado in a lot of dishes from appetizers, main courses to desserts. For example, we can have three course meal: avocado salad, sandwiches with bacon and roasted avocado and avocado smoothie.

4. Broccoli
It would be a mistake if broccoli is not mentioned in the Top Superfoods for A Healthy Liver. Broccoli is enriched with fat-soluble vitamin E, a vital antioxidant that support the liver’s functions. The fiber content in this veggie is so high that the digestion process is stimulated. Furthermore, it possesses an impressive glucosinolates levels. Glucosinolates will cleanse the body’s system by flushing out carcinogens and other harmful toxins.

A bowl of broccoli a week is sufficient for your body. If you want to eat more, there is no cautions for you because broccoli is one of the most healthiest veggie in the world. You can stir-fry, roast or steam broccoli to enjoy and take use of it.

Beside those foods above, if you want to maintain your liver functioning, you should avoid animal foods, smoking and other harmful toxins like refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Or you should eliminate these bad habits out of your life.

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