All about Diploma in Hotel Management – Eligibility, Course, Fees

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Diploma in Hotel Management

If you’re thinking about getting a diploma in hotel management after 12th class then we are telling you that you should just go for it there are many hospitality management diploma courses and we will be discussing them in detail in this article. So once you learn about the diploma courses, make sure to visit the website of different popular institutes and select institutes that provide you with quality education, good practical experience, and campus placement.

  1. Eligibility

Different colleges have different eligibility criteria for taking students into the hotel management diploma program. For some institutes, a person who has passed 10th standard can easily get admission in the diploma course and in other institutes, a person needs to have 12th standard passed to get admission. For getting admission in the diploma program, the student has to take an entrance test on the basis of which he or she is selected to get admission in the college.

  1. Duration of the course –

The diploma program duration can range from 6 months to 3 years. Some institutes provide the diploma in six months and they touch the basics of hotel management whereas other institutes focus on providing the complete knowledge of the hotel industry and they are about three years’ long courses. So when you visit the website of different colleges, you can find out and choose the course according to your requirement and time availability.

  1. Course-

The course curriculum for hotel management programs includes the basics during the first and second semesters and then the course slowly progresses towards advanced education in the remaining semesters. As already said, it depends mostly on the duration of the course about the kind of subjects will be included. Usually, in the first and second semester, a student is taught about housekeeping, front office, food production, security et cetera. For the third semester and fourth semesters, the students study all of these things in detail with additional few subjects. If the course is three years long then in six and seven semesters, there is a class on leadership and management, human resource, personality development, and communication. The fees vary from college to college.

  1. Internship –

Any good college will ask its student to get a compulsory internship. For a few colleges, a 15–22 weeks industrial training program is compulsory for students to learn about the work ethics and systems of the hotel sector. A student should give his hundred percent during the internship period because it is during this period that he or she learns about working in the hotel industry.

After reading this article, you should get a general idea of how a hotel management course can help you have a good career. For more details, you can choose a few colleges and study their course details. This is because each college has slight changes to the curriculum. So, you can study about different colleges and know which college matches your requirements. Then you can apply to those colleges and get admission to one of them.

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