What are Career opportunities after M Arch from Pune

best m arch colleges in pune

Are you looking forward to pursue the Master’s in architecture? If yes, then you can opt from among the various top ranked M Arch colleges in Pune that promise to provide top quality education in the field.

If you take a stroll in the big cities, you could see beautiful buildings and skyscrapers that tower above your head. These buildings are actually work of art-a testament of the architect’s creativity. If you are looking to opt a course into architecture then you can pursue courses in architecture, design and planning. You can opt for these courses at your graduation and post graduation level. After you have completed your graduation in architecture then you should go for Master’s in order to learn more and thus enhance your skills and capabilities as an architect. There are many M Arch colleges in Pune from where you can pursue the course and avail your desired job in future.

The M. Arch degree will allow you to avail various job opportunities in which you will be able to utilize your creativity and expertise to develop designs and build beautiful buildings. Some of the best job opportunities that M. Arch students can avail are:

Designing buildings
The architecture aspirants would want to design building as their first job, i.e, to work as full time architect. Designing amazing buildings, sky scrapers, mansions or even regular houses for the common people is a very lucrative job. However, the best thing about construction designing is that it is not just a job but it is an art. You can utilize your artistic sense in designing and developing beautiful buildings. The work of an architect is such of which you can truly be proud of.

Architectural technologist
After pursuing Master’s in architecture from the top M Arch college in Pune, you can avail the job of architectural technologist. While architects design the building, the architectural technologists assist them by focusing on the technical side of designing. The architectural technologist’s main work is to inspect whether the design is workable and stable. He also makes sure that the right materials are used in the construction of the building and all building regulations are met. To be precise, architectural technologists mainly function as the quality control for any building design process.

Interior designer
After completing M Arch degree you can also opt for a career in interior design. This job primarily involves designing or renovating building interiors. Interior designers are responsible to make or renovate a space to make them more spacious, beautiful or functional. The desire to live in a beautiful house has made interior design a well-paying, challenging and exciting job. Though it is challenging and interesting, the job of an interior designer is much easier than architects and is also not as time-consuming as pure architectural work.

These are just a few of the possible jobs you can avail in the architectural field. There are more career options such as real estate broker, building surveyor, and landscape architect among others.

Dr. DY Patil College of Architecture is a top ranked M. Arch college in Pune. The college is committed to provide quality education in the field of architecture and produces skilled architects of the future.

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