Reasons to Get Admission in Clinical Optometry College in India

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Competition is high for education and well as jobs. The current model of education rewards perfection and thus choosing the best college has become imperative for the aspirants. Those who aim for elite institutions take the most number of classes where they can easily get the best grades and boost their performance. With average marks, one cannot dream to get admission in one’s desired institute.  However, the best institutes teach the life skills so that when the learners get out into the real world they can easily deal various challenges. Optometry is a rewarding career as it offers high job satisfaction, a rewarding career and many career options through different modes of practice. As there are many colleges which are teaching optometry, choosing the best college for a bachelor of clinic optometry is important. There are many other reasons to go for this amazing course. Here are the top reasons:

Changing lives every day– An optometrist has the ability to change someone’s life dramatically. As an optometrist can perform a complete eye examination, they can assess an individual’s vision and provide them prescriptions for glasses and contacts. They have the ability to diagnose and treat different eye injuries. They can detect the disease in the eye and provide services to rehabilitate some eye conditions with different therapies.

Exceptional career opportunities – Believe or not but there is a high demand for optometrists. As the number of aging population is increasing, so is the number of patients. One can treat patients holistically as they have the ability to participate in interdisciplinary care with other healthcare providers. They also get opportunities for further ocular research. They can easily explore different avenues for diagnoses, treatments, and cures for different eye condition and diseases. One can join a hospital as a full-time optometrist or one can even open up their own clinic and help every individual who is facing problems related to eyes. One gains the ability to pursue academia and easily get into the teaching profession. There one can help a student learn, prepare and get the best from them. One can look for different job in different disciplines of eye care such as paediatric eye care, geriatric eye care, low vision, contact lenses, etc.

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Why should you go for the best institute?
There are few clinical optometry colleges in India which provide the infrastructure to help a child learn and grow. If you want to enrol in one of the best colleges then Bharati Vidyapeeth would be the best choice for you. Yes, it is definitely among the top 10 universities preferred by students across the globe. It ranked 66th in the ranking of universities provided by ‘NAAC’ in the year 2017. It also received ‘A’ grade by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India. Moreover, there are 12 Faculties that are offering 281 programmes to the aspirants in the college. Students across the country and from 48 countries over the world come here to get admission and learn about the benefits of clinic optometry. All the pass outs of previous batches have got jobs in top corporations in private and public sectors.

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