A Quick Guide to Buying Immersion Heaters in India

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Immersion Heaters

An immersion heater is a simple device that is installed in a tank or a container to heat water (or any liquid). There are different types of installations based on different requirements. Immersion heaters are popular in India in spite of the advent of geysers because of their low price and ease of installation.

Why immersion heaters
Immersion heaters are popular across India and mainly because of their low price. If you don’t use hot water regularly, you wouldn’t need a geyser installed. There are many immersion heaters manufacturers in India who provide over-the-side, flanged or threaded heaters. These are quite affordable and serve the purpose well. Not just water, immersion heaters can also heat oil, solvents, acids and other viscous liquids, which is something that a geyser cannot do.Heaters are also portable and much useful when you are travelling to different places.

Different immersion heaters suppliers in India
There are many popular brands and immersion heaters suppliers India. These suppliers study the market and accordingly sell various types of heaters. Most popular brands are Bajaj, Usha, Theeta, Crompton Greaves etc…

How to choose an immersion heater
In over-the-side immersion heaters, heating elements can be made of cast iron, copper, steel, titanium, stainless steelor can be PFA coated. Each of these materials have their own advantages and applications. Because of the availability of many materials, these heaters are quite useful to heat water, oils or other viscous liquids with ease. These are portable and easy to remove and occupy very minimal space.

Flanged immersion heaters have tubular elements (hairpin bend) which are brazed into a flange and are installed by bolting the piece to a matching flange which is welded to the place of installation, for example, tank wall or the nozzle. These are the most popular heaters and can be used for all heating applications because they come in various power ratings, voltages and materials making it suitable for a consumer to choose the appropriate one based on their needs. These are rugged and give high strength and resilience.

The only difference between the threaded and flanged heaters is that the threaded (or screw plug)heaters are directly screwed through coupling or threaded opening in the tank wall. These heaters are compact and come with a large range of screw plug sizes, voltages, sheath materials and have thermostats. All these factors make the heaters ideal for heating liquids in different processes and for freeze protection. These heaters are also energy efficient because of the direct immersion.

Portable tank heaters are easy to install and use. The main advantage of this heater over others is that it has an integrated temperature control between the range 60-250F. This helps in more accurate heating and also assures more control and flexibility.

For most industrial purposes, immersion heaters are the natural ideal choice, however for households where buying geyser can be costly, specially if you move to different cities often, immersion heaters are ideal as they are cheaper and portable.

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