Clothing A Way To Protect Ourselves From Different Kinds Of Weather

clothing of Indian people

What do you understand by the term clothing?

• Clothing is a word which tells you something about clothes.
• Clothes are the basic needs of people in this 21st century. They help out people to cover themselves and protect their body from the harsh and extreme environmental conditions as well as from the different types of weather.
• Clothing, in general, is a collective term for items that are worn by people on their body.

What are clothes made up of? Clothes are made up of textiles or sometimes from animal skin.
Clothes are the items that you protect you from the different types of weather such as woolen clothes are worn during the winter season to protect ourselves from the extreme coldly environment and cotton clothes are worn in the summer season to get rid of hot summers. This is how different types of clothes are there to protect ourselves form different kinds of weather. Therefore, in India, there are more the 27 states and each state have different types of clothing.

What are the important features of wearing clothes?

• Clothes help or protect people from different types of harsh environmental conditions.
• Clothes are the most protective items that protect you from extreme hazardous activities such as hiking, cooking etc.
• It also protects the wearers or people from insect bites, thorns, pickles, rash-causing plants and from many other things also.
• Clothes make a barrier between the person’s skin and environment.
• It also protects people from harmful UV-Rays of the sun.
• It helps in improving the comfort of the wearer.

When the origin of cloth did take place? No one tells when the cloth was developed first as because during early stone ages also people used to wear clothes made of leaves and barks of trees. A common estimate was made for when did the origin of clothes took placed and we fond that it took place during 42,000–72,000 years ago by the early man of early ages.

Contemporary clothing of Indian people

1. Western clothing: western clothing is one of the earliest forms of clothing. Western clothes have come to people approx 500+ years ago. There are so many different types of western clothing’s such as jeans, tops, maxi dresses, short dresses, long dresses, and tunics also. You can buy long tunics online for women and more other items also. There are so many online websites that are selling clothes, accessories and many other products of your needs.

2. Traditional clothing: Traditional clothing is the clothing that is worn by people and is different in each and every state and also differs from country to country. There are so many traditional dresses such as burkha of Muslim countries, Bengali sari of Bengal and many more. These are the types of traditional dresses that are worn by people of different states.

Nowadays, all the types of clothing items are available online also. You can buy stylish women’s tunics online, long dresses, short dresses, saris, lenghas etc. You can buy any kind of products online for yourselves.

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