Advantages of Modern Container Tracking Solutions

Hind Terminal CFS container tracking

Container tracking systems in the modern age have become a universal norm for a large number of businesses that ship their goods and services both within the country and abroad. In order to keep better tracking of their highly valuable products, so many newer innovations have been devised to permit the highly precise tracking of even the smallest goods containers. This empowers companies and organizations to ship their goods on more specific timelines while keeping operating expenses reduced.

Shipping containers usually represent ‘returnable assets’. These are the objects having a very high value to the company in the light of the fact that they can be utilized so many times times. Any type of goods container can be considered as a shipping container, and any sort of container can be a returnable asset. From big-sized containers to a keg which holds the beer or wine, the carrying lorry can be considered as a returnable asset and therefore must be tracked in a very apt manner.

Salient features of Features modern tracking and management system include the following-

  • Only one person can install and incorporate the system within few hours.
  • Near real-time and very effective and flawless location tracking via RFID triggers automatic and prompt notifications when any event occurs.
  • Even when a container is disconnected from the terminal, the system will still be reporting the data.
  • The system’s high quality patented light sensor functions like a wired door sensor without the installation cost or risk of damage to exposed cables.
  • The system meets rigorous quality standards.
  • The system can be swapped quickly and easily from trailer to trailer.
  • Advanced fleet data analytics are also offered, as an option.
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LDB is one of the leading companies dealing in professional container tracking systems. The company provides for Mundhra CFS container tracking and Hind Terminal CFS container tracking with absolute reliability and efficiency.

Some crucial particulars about the company include the following-

  • 11,537,307 Containers Handled
  • 10 Port Terminals of Western Corridor
  • 6 Port Terminals of Southern Corridor
  • 3 Port Terminals of Eastern Corridor
  • 27 Visibility Across Toll Plazas Provided
  • 96 CFSs & ICDs Visibility Coverage Completed
  • 70% of India’s Container volume handled

The company primarily aims at bringing complete and integrated visibility and transparency in the contemporary logistics sector with an effective and efficient container tracking system that perfectly streamline operations across stakeholders in the whole supply chain, thereby assisting even government’s objective of bettering India’s Ease of Doing Business. You can get touch with the company with any of your needs to have not only the best value for your money but also a meaningful relationship of lifetime.

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