How to Become An Aviation Consultant?

aviation consultants in india

Becoming an aviation consultant is not for the faint of heart just like any other venture where you are the whole company. Aviation consultants are expected to work alone and even if part of a team the expectation is that they will lead through their experience in the field.

The field of private aviation solutions with its constant improvement in the way it works and the regulations do not let any of the aviation consultants in India, even established ones, to take it easy and relax. Problems like environmental safety, hazards, and fuel shortages keep cropping up but the need for air transportation is only increasing.

So if you have the following qualities and requirements, you too can be one of the good aviation consultants in India.

1. Appropriate education in the form of a bachelor’s degree in aviation administration is required to even start to understand the field of aviation. Students can enroll in these degrees and learn about aviation regulations, air traffic control systems, aviation and transportation, airport management and aircraft accident investigation, transportation legislation, and many other fields. Some of the institutes also allow specializations in the field of aviation management and airport management. Education will tell you the basics of the field, whereas hands-on learning will educate you to use that knowledge.

2. Work experience in the aviation industry even as a flight attendant will put you in touch with other people who can then guide you towards other positions. Or you can work as an aircraft engineer or shift leader or project manager or in the airworthiness management that will involve you and make you familiar with data analysis, administration in aviation, transportation management, etc. The type of work does not matter as much as a need for a varied technical experience to become a consultant. These skills will increase your job prospects when you finally make the change to an aviation consultant.

3. Securing a position with such a varied experience with a little bit of additional training as a junior aviation consultant should put you on the track to advance to the level of a senior soon. This will become easier if you maintain a digital presence about your roles and responsibilities and network digitally as well as face to face with others in the field to learn more. A quest for more knowledge is a constant requirement for an aviation consultant.

4. Continue your education regime with a master’s degree in one of the technical fields of aviation or an engineering field. Some of these fields will require a commercial pilot’s license and you will need to pass many physical and aptitude tests followed by a flight examination.

5. Never give up your quest to gain knowledge, be it from a pilot or from a galley cook. A well-written resume will support you only if you have made those connections between the various fields of work and how to make them work together to achieve maximum results. Use social media to your advantage to find out more people and connect with them on a professional level. Unlike most other fields, people in the aviation sector somehow seem reluctant to embrace technology as easily, so meeting them face to face is the best option. Good luck.

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