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Choosing a ceiling fan is simply not an easy task. One has to consider so many factors before buying a ceiling fan. The difficulty arises in choosing number of blades, poor efficiency and blade sweep. In addition to this, choosing a fan with creative designs is also equally important. When you buy a ceiling fan you also make a style statement. Your choice in ceiling fans expresses your taste in art. However, finding a fan with power efficiency, style and creativity is extremely hard. But Ortem Fans understands the needs that fans do not just make your rooms cool but they also make a cool style statement. Ortem Fans has established itself as a brand name amongst the top ceiling fan manufacturer of India. The high on performance ceiling fans with affordable price range has made Ortem Fans the top ceiling fans brand.

The types of ceiling fans offered by Ortem Fans are categorized as economy fans, base fans, and decorative fans. The categorization is done on the basis of performance, price range and the creative designs. The Economy Fans are aerodynamically optimized fans. These ceiling fans are a perfect amalgamation of style, energy efficiency, performance and. Functionality. These fans are powered with advanced motors which give more air movement. The Base Fans are meant for high quality under a minimum price range. The fans have aerodynamically balanced wider blades and are capable of delivering high on performance. These fans are powered with robust motor that will last for long. The Decorative Fans are apt for people who love to make style statement. These fans will make anyone to hold their head high. The designs are eye catching which makes these fans a perfect amalgamation of performance and creativity. These ceiling fans can be used a home d├ęcor item. The designer fans steal the show when mounted on any type of ceiling like conventional ceiling, trey ceiling or suspended ceiling.

The blade sweep available for Economy fans, Base fans and Decorative fans are 900 mm and 1200 mm. 900 mm blade sweep is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and utility rooms. The 1200 mm blade weep is best choice for larger rooms like master room, dining hall and living room. All the types of fans have three blades.

Ortem Fans is the one stop solution to all the ceiling fan related enquires. The ceiling fans from Ortem Fans are versatile in terms of price range, creative designs and blade sweep. Depending upon their need the customer can chose a ceiling fan from the wide range collection of Ortem Fans. One can either choose ceiling fans with designs painted in copper and gold or one can chose ceiling fans with vibrant shades of pink, rusty orange. For a more classic look the customer can choose shades of blue or brown. Ceiling fans with LED lights are also available with the manufacturer. Ortem Fans are designed for those customers who like to have quality product within an affordable price range. It is this versatile ceiling fan collection of Ortem fans which has brought the company name in the list of the top ceiling fan companies in India.

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