10 Productive Hair Treatments for Beautiful and Healthy Hairs

hair care treatment

Are you looking up for ways to get your hair back to the track? Of course you should be, as your hair is the more prominent part that people notice about you. Having healthy and beautiful hair are quite crucial to groom your overall look. Therefore in this regard we are here to help you out with some productive hair treatments that will nourish your hairs, will keep it hydrated and you can choose any treatment that your hair needs. These hair treatments will bring back your dead hairs back to life regardless of your hair texture, type or length. Just dive in to have an insight to these hair treatments.

1. Moisture Treatment
If you are tired of split ends and hair breakage, it’s time to strengthen your hair through moisture treatment. Not only is this treatment great to prevent hair breakage but will also protect your hairs from damage caused due to heat styling products. Moisture treatment will penetrate deep into your hairs to deliver the necessary proteins and nutrients. It will then create a protective outer coating on your hairs to keep it safe from environmental aggression.

2. Keratin Treatment
Keratin is basically the protein that naturally occurs in human hair. The keratin treatment involves the use of protein keratin, formaldehyde and conditioners. If you have frizzy or curly hairs, this treatment is ideal for you as it will help you achieve semi-permanent smooth and silky hairs. The treatment will reduce the damaged and dull hairs and will make it bouncy and soft. Moreover, it is also great to reduce the curls to about 90% and lasts up to 6 months.

There are two ways in which the keratin treatment is applied. One is the basic treatment that involves the penetration to the hair cortex and makes hair shiny and silky for about six months. The second keratin treatment involves the use of formaldehyde-derived solution using which your entire hairs are rinsed. The hairs are later blow-dried and then straightened. This keratin treatment lasts for about three months.

3. Hot Oil Treatment
The hot oil treatment is best when it comes to bringing instant shine to the hairs. The treatment is best for damaged hair and to boost its moisture. The hot oil treatment basically makes use of the plant-based oil such as coconut or olive oil. After keeping the oil on your hairs for about 10 to twenty minutes, it is rinsed out.

4. Scalp Treatment
If you are tired of an itchy and dry scalp, get yourself a scalp treatment right away. The treatment will not only improve your hair growth but will also boost scalp oil production. The scalp treatment will make your scalp clean and healthy. Moreover, it will also unclog your hair follicles by removing the scalp build up. Getting yourself a regular scalp treatment will be great to promote your scalp blood circulation. The treatment is ideal for all regardless of your scalp or hair type.

5. Toning Treatment
If you are the one often dyeing your hairs, toning treatment will be great for you to have your hair color corrected. Getting your hair dye and then undergoing toning treatment will help you extend your hair color. Furthermore, it will delay color fading and will even correct any coloring mishaps that you might face.

6. Relax Treatment
Here comes another productive hair treatment that you will surely love to get. The treatment involves the use of creams and lotions to make your hair more manageable. Not only will the treatment loosen your hair curls but will also alter your hair texture chemically. Your hairs after a relax treatment will appear straight without any frizz. The lasting period of a relax treatment is about 6 to 8 weeks where it may require some periodic touch ups later.

7. Green Caviar Hair Treatment
The green caviar treatment is no doubt one of the most in demand delicacies around the world yielding the most lustrous, smooth and silky hair. The green caviar treatment provides the total repair that one could ask for. It is rich in micronutrients, vitamins and proteins. The resulting hair of this treatment is less frizzy, natural flowing motion and controlled volume. The results are awesome no matter if your hair is thin or fragile.

8. Hair Glossing Treatment
The hair glossing treatment will smoothen your hair. If the treatment is carried out right after a hair color treatment or even on virgin hair, it will boost your hair radiance. The best part is you can easily find the ingredients for hair treatments from any b2b cosmetics company.

9. Detox Treatment
Detox treatment for hair works in a similar way as that of a body. The treatment will help you get rid of the hair and scalp buildup that is caused by the use of different products and chemicals. This is also great to stimulate hair growth. Detox treatment will reduce your oiliness and will keep your hair ends moisturized. Moreover, it will make your hair radiant, softer and flexible. Last but not least, the Detox treatment is also beneficial for protection against UV rays.

10. Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment
Eleven miracle hair treatment is multitasking hair treatment and is specially great for those who have damaged hairs because of bleaching. The treatment will repair the damaged bonds of your hair and will prevent it from breaking. Moreover, it will add shine, softness, will control split ends, and will keep your hair hydrated. The miracle hair treatment will even enhance your hair’s natural body and will help control frizz as well.

Conclusion: These were some great hair treatments to make your hair smooth, shiny, healthy and beautiful. No matter how much you think that you don’t need to go to salon for such hair treatments, the truth is; you should go. Regardless of your hair type, whether it is long, short, dry, dyed, damaged, straight or frizzy, giving your hair a nourishing treatment is essential. These treatments are crucial to give your hair a fresh start. Nourishing them with such productive treatments make your hair lustrous, smooth, healthy and most of all; beautiful!

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