Why Study in Canada Is A Dream for Most Indian Student?

study abroad in canada

study abroad in canada

Students! Planning to study abroad in 2018? Now is the right time to get started on your applications for Canadian universities and colleges.

Canada continues to be the preferred international education destination for Indian and with recent reports that Indian students make approximately 25% of international students.  Did you know that Canada offers lower living costs and lower tuition fees for Indian and international students?  So why do most Indian students want to study in Canada and why should you too consider Canada as the number one choice to study abroad?

Why Indian Students Prefer Canada to Study Abroad

While Canada consistently ranks among the most livable countries in the world and is home to the best student city in the world – Montreal, what really makes it stand apart in comparison to other popular study destinations is the flexible and affordable  world-class education system, part-time and post-study work opportunities and easy stay-back options. With better opportunities for  better quality life, career and personal growth, many Indian students prefer Canada

World –Class Education System

There are mainly three types of Higher education institutions in Canada includes Community Colleges that offer certificates and diplomas, Universities that grant degrees and  CEGEPS that offer vocational  education based programs in Quebec. Each of these is internationally recognized and holds high reputation. Moreover the presence of SPP (Student Partnership Program) that streamlines  admission and visa process for Indian students to help them apply to various specialized  trade requirement based diploma and post-graduate  diploma programs at Community Colleges in Canada. The emphasis on research and rigorous quality control together make Canada a great study experience for Indian students.

Thriving Economy and High Employability

Dream of a global career abroad? Canada with its thriving economy and emphasis on research in emerging technologies is one of the leaders in engineering, humanities, natural sciences and high technologies courses.  Industry oriented curriculum, opportunity to learn business skills through part-time and full-time work opportunities and excellent reputation of Canadian institutions makes Canada a popular choice to study abroad for Indian students.

Easy Study Visa and Stay Back Options

A large part of why many Indian students prefer Canada is the fact that it offers easy study visa ,  wide opportunities to work part-time 20 hour/week during academic year and full time during holidays along with easy stay back options in form of Post Graduate Work Permit Program  (PGWP) that allows students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution to gain valuable Canadian work experience. This not only helps Indian students studying abroad to meet their living expenses but also learn real-world business skills.

The multicultural diversity, welcoming society and plethora of opportunities for career and personal growth thus make Canada a top destination for students who aim to study abroad. If you would like to know more about how to apply and which colleges or universities to study abroad in Canada, visit Planet Office in your city for FREE counseling by our study abroad consultant. Call 7043100808 or visit www.planeteducation.info to book an appointment.

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