Why should you go for Shared Web Hosting?

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Shared web hosting is the easiest way to reduce your expense if you want to publish your website. Here, the service provider serves pages which have a number of websites. A number of websites reside on just one server. If you have a website which attracts high traffic then it is not sufficient for you. You need a web hosting service giving you individual dedication and which is economically the most suitable option.

What Exactly Shared Web Hosting Does for you?
First, you would think that individual web hosting is better as it provides you with better dedication and hosting experience. But never judge a book by its cover. People get misconceptions when they think about shared web hosting emphasizing on the word shared. If you have a cost-effective business and want to save money then shared web hosting is exactly suitable for you. You get to avail all the technical help you would avail from an individual web host. Shared hosting services are not only meant for bloggers or personal owners. You are allowed to create a different account with different plans from another shared web hosting user. Each customer manages their own website, database, and emails. However, you have to share the cost regarding the server resources. You could split the cost and share everything equally. This type of server is used by websites having low or medium web traffic.

web hosting services India

If you are looking for a way out of web hosting maintenance and continuously monitoring the activities, then with shared web hosting you would be able to bring maximum revenue spending the least possible time. You being the owner of the website, you only have to look after your website while your host would look after everything else. Again, you have the option where you could switch to a new plan if your number of visitors increase or if decreases you could easily stop as well.

What are the Advantages of Shared Web Hosting?
• It is very affordable: It would only cost you a few dollars when you go for shared web hosting. You also get to avail the benefits of the promotional time period and if you like it then only you go for the standard offer or package. For basic web hosting it is the best possible solution. They help you in setting up and offer you a few extra features.

• You could easily sign and create your account: Linux shared web hosting is very easy to try and create an account. For setting up an account you only have to mention your business purpose and all the confidential information and voila! Your account is created. You get to avail features like one-click install content writing management and such. For some of the features you do not have to pay extra but for some, additional charges are asked for.

• You do not have to be a Pro to Set up an Account: If you are opening a shared web hosting account, with that you could design and make your website look attractive. Though Shared web hosting services have control over the central control panel, you could establish your own personalized theme and settings. You could also visit the various tutorial videos to get an idea.

Every business needs their personalized website. HostJinni.com provides you with the best possible shared web hosting solutions that are affordable and user-friendly.

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