What is the Education Structure in Boarding Schools near Mumbai?

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There are many top boarding schools around Mumbai where parents can plan to admit their kids for giving them world-class Grade 1 to high secondary education. Boarding schools are known for their strict disciplines and motivational environment. The education structure of boarding schools in Maharashtra is innovative and well disciplined.

Let’s know about the education structure in these residential schools so that you can step forward to admit your child to provide a bright future.

With the aim to focus on overall development, the education structure is divided into multiple parts.

The base of quality education is punctuality. Top boarding schools near Mumbai aim to build punctuality. Each student will have to follow the timetable set by the school authority. Every student needs to be punctual to come and leave the school timely. In case any of them want to go early because of some reasons, they will have to take permission. Study time and playing time are set by the school authority. Students have to adhere it.

Control on Anger & Developing Well-Behaved Manner
Students cannot use offensive language or foul against anyone. They cannot deface the school property. They are not allowed to litter in the school premises. They cannot miss the class until they have valid reasons. Bullying or violence in any form is gross misconduct. Students are expected to respect their teachers and peers to maintain the happy environment. The school premise doesn’t allow illicit or narcotic substances. Students who violet the school rules can be dismissed.

The world-class education aim is overall development, and grooming is an integral part of studies. Each student is expected to be present in the class in proper uniform. From uniform to shoes, everything should be neat and clean. Both boys and girls in the school have no permission to wear accessories. The school tries to maintain simplicity. Girls hair should be tied with matching pins and hair bands. Boys need to cut their hair short. The grooming part includes various types of activities in the school campus also like singing, assembly, dance competition and speech. Each student gets the opportunity to groom themselves.

Education is not all about studies. Sports activities are an integral part of high-quality learning. Students get the chance to find their favourite niche in sports. The school organizes various types of games to give students the opportunity to choose their favourite sports activities and motivate them to perform well.

Exams According to The CBSE Guidelines
Top boarding schools near Mumbai have affiliation with the CBSE board which is one of the most respected boards of India. Reputed boarding schools strictly follow the guideline of the CBSE board which include taking monthly exams. Organizing exams in a month or two keep students motivated towards studies. They can able to perform well in the final exam. Top students are appreciated by teachers. Parents are well informed about their children’s performance. The aim of taking monthly, half yearly and final exam is to keep students focused on studies.

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