What Is Career Prospect in Hospitality Management after COVID-19

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Traveling is an all-time favorite hobby of many people who love to experience and explore new places and cultures. A rise in the living standard and a desire to travel has given a great boost to the travel and tourism industry. The contributions made by this sector is approximately more than 8-10% of the total GDP. People are stepping out of their homes and cities to explore and visit new places to know about the people and also get familiar with their culture. In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in this sector along with substantial growth in the GDP contributed by this sector. Be it the beautiful arts of Italy or monasteries of Bhutan, people want to dive into the vast sea of knowledge and diversities offered by the globe.

How COVID-19 has impacted this sector?: Recently due to the outbreak of the dreaded pandemic, COVID 19 has some serious aftermaths. It has affected the travel and tourism sector the most besides healthcare and people are skeptical about traveling and visiting new places in fear of getting infected by this hated virus. The hotel rooms of the busiest cities in the world are seeing daylight as well as a nightlight. The cities once filled with a huge bustle of tourists are now deserted and the roads are nearly empty. Hundreds of thousands of the employees of this sector are facing cut-off in pays and also some are rendered jobless.

But, here’s the hope, things will get back to normal soon and all the routine activities will resume to their normal pace soon enough as stated by many economists. Once this devastating event is over, people will once again come out and enjoy the many tourist destinations.

How the Hospitality Industry can get over this Pandemic

• Use this time for the maintenance of the hotel.

• Provide lucrative offers to people to attract them.

• Takeaway meal facilities should be made available at hotels and restaurants to avoid direct contact.

• Maintaining proper social distance as well as all the necessary precautions like wearing masks and the use of sanitizers to avoid the spread of any sort of infection.

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What is the hope for the hotel and hospitality industry?: If we look into the impacts caused by SARS, we may find a similar situation there. Even though these two are incomparable, despite this, they exhibit similarities. While the SARS was on its full flow, the aftermath of this infection witnessed a considerable rise in the hotel and hospitality industry again. There was a significant rise in the GDP growth as well after the lifting of the SARS virus. Although with the Coronavirus, it’s purely ambiguous and uncertain, somehow we expect more or less the same after-effects and hope to get them as soon as possible. Also, we hope for the speedy recovery of the infected patients as well. For any country, the travel and tourism industry plays a major role in maintaining the annual GDP, so whatever affects this sector, affects the whole nation and the whole nation will observe a decrease in annual GDP.

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