B Tech vs. BBA: Which One Should You Choose?

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B. Tech and BBA are ‘in demand’ undergraduate degrees among today’s generation. It is known to all that if you wish to have a great career, you should pursue one of both degrees. B. Tech is a degree that is related to the science stream and the eligibility for admission for students is to study science at +2 class level to get admission to B. Tech. BBA is usually opted by the commerce students. But now things are changing. Those science students who wish to do an MBA can get admission to the BBA program. You can choose any program of your liking. Both degrees are equally good. The only difference is the study field for both of them is different. Read the following points to find out about the differences between both degrees:

1. Duration: BBA is a 3-year course just like any other graduate degree. There is an internship included in the last semester of the program. B. Tech is a 4-year degree program that makes it stand apart from other undergraduate programs. B. Tech has an industry experience included too.

2. Colleges: You can find different BBA colleges around you and even though the curriculum and syllabus of each college are the same, there is a difference in the quality of education. So, you should visit the website of the college before applying to it and gain proper knowledge about it. There are some top B. Tech colleges in UP. If you wish to pursue a degree in engineering, you may want to check them out for proper education.

3. Specializations: BBA degree has the same socializations as that of the MBA program so that the students can continue studying an MBA without a problem. The main specializations or BBA are finance, information technology, human resource, operations, etc. For B. Tech, the specializations are mostly related to science like mechanical, information technology, marine engineering, civil engineering, etc.

4. Salary Package: A salary package depends on lots of factors. Here we are going to take into consideration the average salary package for both the degrees, When a person has completed BBA, the annual salary package that he gets is between 2L-3L. After completing B. Tech, a person can get an average salary package of 2L-3.5L. Now, note here that the packages mentioned here are average packages. There is a high chance that if you get your degree from a prestigious college and your skills are sharp, you will get a much higher package.

5. Course Fees: BBA being a 3-year program costs a little less than the B. tech program. Whereas the annual fee of the BBA program ranges between Rs 1L-3L, the annual fee of the engineering program ranges between Rs 3L-6L. Note that we are writing the course fee and not including the other expenses like the hostel fees, book expenses, etc.

Since you know the difference between both the programs, you can choose the right program for yourself and apply now as the admission process is open already. Always remember, there is no good degree or bad degree. If you really want to make the best of your student life, you will have to put in the effort and work hard.

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