5 Reasons To Consider Planet Education Study Abroad Consultants

Many Indian students dream of studying abroad for better quality of education and job prospects and studying abroad has always been one of the best return on investments prospect for Indian students and their families. But one always remains in confusion when it comes to seek proper advice on this matter. There are many study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad, ready to offer their services in this domain. But not all of them are able to tap into the territory of overseas education.

Planet Education is a popular name amongst study abroad consultants in India. And we are saying this on the basis of various valid reasons which you will get to read further in this article. 

Why Planet Education?
Planet Education has a fine team of consultants who not only have thorough knowledge of all the minute details that are necessary but also many of them have studied abroad. So, they know what possibilities lie ahead of students and what kind of problems they may face and how easily can they solve them.

They believe that better guidance is necessary for the students and their families and that’s why they are committed towards their goal.

Here are 5 reasons why Planet Education is the best place for overseas education consultation:

  1. Experience

Planet Education holds an experience of 19 years in this field and this makes it one the most experienced institution. After sending twenty thousand students abroad, it is definitely the one of the best study abroad consultants for young and aspiring students.

  1. Reach in different locations

Planet Education is a big name amongst study abroad consultants in India and it has its presence in different countries also. It has offices in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, etc. These offices have expert and experienced teams that work hard together in the interest of students. Their collaboration with more than 300 universities around the world make more and more students rely on them always.

  1. Longer follow up and dedicated team

Personalized approach and guidance is among many features of their services. They have experienced trainers who conduct workshops on regular basis to make students get prepared before their departure, and their services doesn’t stop once the student leaves. Rather, they are always ready to help student after that too. This is why many students and their families prefer Planet Education when it comes to exploring their dreams abroad.

  1. Links with many universities

Planet Education has collaborated with more than 300 international universities providing objective guidance across countries including USA, Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. The study abroad consultants are distributed across the regions of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Australia and provide proper and reliable guidance to students across the globe.

  1. All round guidance

Planet Education offers multidimensional guidance to their students via their expert team who also organize pre-departure workshops to guide them and help them in transition, so that they can adjust well in a new country.

Studying abroad is always a tough choice to make, and when huge amount of investment is going into this decision, then it is better to rely on a trusted source. Planet Education understands that completely and hence honesty and integrity has been their focus from the beginning.

Their innovative programs and high-quality services inspire students to make the right choice in terms of selecting courses and colleges. Planet Education is one of the members of PIER, AAERI and ICEF. Their training facility is the Gold IELTS partner of the prestigious British Council and the IDP as well. Their high visa success rate is also a reason why the organisation is liked by so many students and their guardians.

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