Top Mass Communication Colleges in Gujarat: Courses Offered, Admission Process

ba in journalism and mass communication colleges in india

Mass communication is a sector that is alluring many students in the present times. Since the media is not just limited to newspapers and TV news broadcasts, the students wish to join the mass communication courses in how to get into the media industry. Once you get a job in the media, a good salary package awaits you. It also gives you the chance to have challenging and fun work. But where do you start? Here, we have compiled a few details to give you an idea about the best colleges in Gujarat that provide the degree and diplomas in mass communication, the popular courses offered that the students love, and the admission process.

Following is the list of top journalism and mass communication colleges in Gujarat:

  1. Bhavan’s Colege of Communication and Management, Jamnagar
  2. Navrachna University, Vadodara
  3. Ganpat University, Mehsana

Following are the courses offered by different universities:

  1. PG diploma in mass communication is a post-graduate diploma where you learn about the basics of mass communication. This diploma is helpful for people who have done graduation and are now looking for something to get work.
  2. BA in journalism and mass communication is a 3 years degree where the students are prepared to work in the media industry. In three years, the students are taught the theory, the practical and they have a mandatory internship which prepares them for the work role in the media sector.
  3. Ph.D. in mass communication can be done after you have a master’s degree. Ph.D. in mass communications takes you to a higher level where you research and make a thesis related to the topic that you have chosen for your Ph.D.

Admission Process:

  • Firstly, check the website and find out about the details of the admission process. Usually, the admission process is the same for many colleges.
  • Check the eligibility criteria that have been mentioned on the website. If you pass the criteria then you can apply for the admission. Get the application form from the website.
  • When the admissions are open, apply for it. The online application would be a better option but you can also choose to apply offline. When applying online, you can apply from the comforts of your home.
  • Once you have applied, you will get further notification from the college/ university at your email address. You will be either asked to take an entrance test or submit the course fee. It depends on the individual university.

For more information, please visit the website of the colleges mentioned above. According to our experts, the best course to choose is a BA degree from one of the top BA in journalism and mass communication colleges in Gujarat. You will also find that the placements of these colleges/ universities are very good especially for the stream of mass communication. The admissions are open so you can take advantage of this time and apply now to step into a better career in the media industry.

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