Top 5 Effective Essential Oils For Bruises

Oils For Bruises

Bruising is so familiar and popular with everyone. Usually, people will ignore it and let bruise heal by itself because it is just a physical condition occurring due to muscle’s collision. It’s inevitable when performing activities. Even when you walk, hitting with downward objects can happen all the time.

What is a bruise?
It is a change in our body color as a result of blood clot placed in epidermis layer that leads to blue or blackish or purple color of skin when blood flowing is impacted. Small blood vessels tear and leak out the blood which causes the discoloration of our skin. In some cases, a bruise can spread down due to the impact and direction of gravity. That’s why swelling in arm or face take less time to heal than bruise placed on legs.

What is the common cause of bruise?
Typically, hitting or crashing object is leading cause of this kind of discoloration. However, there are several reasons which can lead to the blood clot in epidermis class.

Blood thinner drug is used in reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack. It works by lowering the blood clot formation in arteries or veins. Moreover, steroids, none- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirins or ibuprofen and treatment drugs for cancer can also cause more bruise unusually.

People with age suffer from bruise since their skin get thinner and tissues that support blood vessels.

People with hard exercise intensity like weight lifting can get more bruised than usual.

Oils For Bruises

How do you know you get a bruise?
The bruise is so familiar to everyone, and all of you know has known the appearance of a bruise that once bruise first shows up, the red color comes into your view. After few hours, the discoloration turns out blue or blackish. During a healing process, the change of color comes from green to yellow that shows how fast or gradual your vessels are back to normal. Some bruise can bring pain or uncomfortable feeling.

When do you help need from a profession?
A bruise is not a big problem in common. But you still need to follow it carefully to see if there is any abnormality of a bruise and contact the profession for medical interference if necessary.

The bruise has no reason to come up, but there are several discolorations appearance on your skin.

The bruise seems to cause severe pain and swelling. This symptom can be relevant to patients with blood thinner drug treatment.

Effective essential oils for bruises
Home remedies for getting rid of bruising are not as complicated, such as hot or cold therapy which reduces pain and stops the spread of bruise immediately. Vitamin K in daily diet or intake is not a bad idea due to its ability to decrease bruise and regulating blood clotting noticeably. But one more efficient home remedy for bruising is using essential oil combining with massage. Using essential oils for bruise can improve the healing process because of essential oil’s properties including anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant contents.

Lavender essential oil
There’s a dozen of reasons why lavender essential oil is chosen as the first top essential oil for bruise. Its medicinal properties and health application are so varied that you can’t make a list in a while. It is considered as the most unlikely to cause any adverse effect and gentlest acting as a kind of essential oil. Even children who need more consideration in medication can use lavender oil safely. It can be used widely for any members of a family.

The best use of lavender is applying oil immediately after bruise appears to help constrict blood flow. But if you want to achieve the best result, combine with cold therapy.

Place an ice pack on a cloth on affected area in less than 10 minutes to narrow the vessels that can lead to more blood leaking. However, remember not to leave cold temperature on your body for a long time unless you want more damage.

Right after removing ice pack, apply some drops of lavender oil and give massage for affected area in half an hour to reduce swelling, inflammation and blood clot under the skin.

Cypress essential oil
Cypress essential oil is not as popular as lavender, but its medicinal application makes you surprise beside bruise relief. Cypress essential oil is also used to heal a minor wound, reduce varicose veins, stretch marks and get rid of cellulite. All the effect of Cypress comes from its ability to stimulate the blood circulation and prevent blood from pooling. This characteristic is appropriate for treatment of bruise at home.

The use of cypress is just like the lavender essential oil which includes cryotherapy collaborating with massage through a layer of essential oil which can relieve pain, inflammation and blood formation underneath the skin.

Helichrysumessential oil
The application of Helichrysum is well- known in a lot of skin treatment. The price of Helichrysum also gets higher than other kinds of essential oils due to its wide natural treatment for skin. People suffer from sun exposure, abrasion and bruise can believe in this expensive essential oil.

After massaging with helichrysum oil, the blood flow is stimulated until blood clot melt in a bruise. Just one more tip for you is using Helichrysum with the carrier oil. Repeat this home remedy twice a day until the bruise starts fading.

Lemongrassessential oil
Among the cause of bruise, hitting and crashing are the most popular. In that case, the clash occurring in the muscle or skin usually leads to bruising along with pain. And that’s when lemongrass essential oil shows its effect on relieving pain and alleviate bruise at the same time. Moreover, lemongrass is responsible for repairing damaged tissue which speeds up the healing process remarkably.

Frankincenseessential oil
Family with young members who are prone to tumble and react with some kinds of essential oils will find another brand for their children. And frankincense is not a bad idea that you do not want to miss it in your medicine cabinet. Application for the skin of frankincense can be used to relieve stress and increase the immune system. Some later research also shows that frankincense can even prevent cancer as well.

Just a few drops of frankincense oil with appropriate base oil on the injured area twice or three times a day is enough. Continue it till you see the disappearance of the bruise.

After 5 top kinds of essential oils for bruise recommended before, we believe that you can choose suitable brand and therapy for you and your family to get rid of common and easy bruise before it can lead to more severe problems.

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