History Of Miyagikyo Whisky, When, Why And How It Was Created!

Miyagikyo Whiskey

You might be wondering when, why and how Miyagikyo whisky was created, here we have some interesting and historical facts for you about this Japanese Whisky. This Miyagikyo distillery is located and situated very close to the city of Sendai.

Furthermore, the original and initial name of this distillery, it was named Sendai. And it used to lie to the west side of the city. Miyagikyo is owned and operated by a subdivision of some Asahi Brewery Company. And that company is Nikka.

This is the same company that owns and runs the Yoichi distillery which is situated on the northern island side of Hokkaido. Now let us go further deeper into the details:

History Of Miyagikyo Whisky – When It Was Created?

History Of Miyagikyo Whisky

Miyagikyo was founded in the year of 1969 by a company known with the name of Nikka. They needed to build up and create such a kind of a new distillery which may help out them in their Yoichi distillery.

Most noteworthy, the overall idea and concept were to produce Miyagikyo for Nikka’s range and category of blended whisky. And Yoichi will only be concentrating and focusing on single malt production.

Most importantly, Miyagikyo distillery is comparatively larger than that of Yoichi. It comprises and composes of the current capacity of 2 million liters on a per-year basis. On the other hand, their whisky popularity is less well known and famous.

Besides, a handful amount of whisky which is being produced, it all goes into the hands of Nikka’s popular range which is all about blended whiskies or vatted whiskies.

These days, the Miyagikyo’s reputation and the fame level is extensively growing.

They have managed to recently add up some of the significant awards to their trophy and accomplishment cabinet. It has got the Best Single Malt 2009 in so far two categories right at the Japanese heats of the World Whisky Awards.

Why And How Miyagikyo Whisky Was Created?

Miyagikyo Whiskey

It was this legendary Masataka Taketsuru who took almost and approximately three years to find the exact location for the production and manufacturing of this specific distillery.

It was right there in the wide forest valley which was located at the junction zone of the Hirosegawa and Nikkawagawa rivers that he finalized the site.

It will be surprising for you to come to know that Taketsuru selected and finalized this spot after tasting and assessing the quality of the Nikkawagawa river water.

Even more, he took notice and keenly observed the localized humidity state which was created and naturally developed by the two rivers joining the surrounding hills.

Hence, legendary Masataka Taketsuru came on this conclusion that this spot and location is the perfect and one of the ideal locations for the maturation of Miyagikyo whisky.

Ideal and suitable conditions were prevalent and existed in that location. It happened in the year of 1969 that a small scale production phase of this whisky was started. And then that distillery was named and given the title of Sendai.

This distillery was later on expanded in the year of 1979. This decision was necessary to take for the sake of accommodating and adjusting the grain whisky production.

After that, once again expansion phase was started so that Miyagikyo whisky current capacity range can be easily targeted.

Lastly, the Asahi Brewery Company took control of and taken the complete charges of Nikka in the 2001 year. And then renamed the distillery with the name of Miyagikyo.


So, this is all about Miyagikyo whisky history! Quite strong flavors and the intense taste is incorporated in this whisky type.

No doubt, this whisky is a full-flavored, rich and extremely intense version that encompasses the aromas of malted barley, exotic fruit, licorice and also camphor.

If you want to know more about other Japanese whisky range, then keep tuned and connected with. There is still a lot more to come from this whisky section.

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