Qualities of top International schools in India

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international residential schools in india

Education is very important for kids to develop and grow and providing the best education to them is the duty of parents.  Due to globalization, international education is in high demand, and parents are choosing international schools for their kids for their overall development.  Now parents have wider options while choosing an international school for their child. Top international schools in India follow international curriculum model and foster the culture of openness as well as respect for different cultures.

What makes a school international?
With so many international schools across the country, it has become hard for the parents to choose the right school for their children. Admission and enrollment procedure vary from school to school. These schools offer high standards of learning, have smaller class-size and state-of-art infrastructure facilities. Boarding facilities are also available at these schools. Now the question is:

  • Why should one send their child to an international school?
  • What are the qualities of an international school?

Top international schools in India focus on providing quality education with several extra-curricular activities for overall growth of the children.  International schools offer newest curriculum, excellent infrastructure and other facilities to the learners, including the below ones:

  1. International curriculum: The best international schools use a different curriculum to prepare the kids as per international standards. The smart teaching methods employed by these schools ensure that all the students get highly motivating environment for learning. Some schools allow the students to appear for Cambridge International examinations.
  2. Differentiated experimental learning: The teachers at international schools employ an activity based approach to actively engage students to encourage self-learning. With this, students are encouraged to question, investigate, and then learn by themselves. This teaching method helps the kids to understand ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’. This makes them lifelong learners who are adaptable to change.  Teaching and learning methods at the top schools are standardized to ensure that what the students get is second to none.
  3. Holistic education: Top international schools in India understand that all-round development in the growing years of the students is paramount, rather than just studying books.  For the best grooming of students, class based education is mixed with physical education and other creative arts.
  4. Focus on co-curricular activities: Extra-curricular activities at the top schools are held to complement the textbook learning. Students participate in the activities of THOTS Lab, Science Lab, Robotics Lab, and also the creative arts like dance, music, theatre, drama, drawing, physical activities, etc.

There are many qualities that make a school international. These institutes have qualified faculties who help the students to envision their future and set their goals to achieve them. They also provide the students opportunity to learn foreign languages. Some of the leading international schools in India are:

  1. Doon International School Riverside Campus
  2. Silver Oaks School of Hyderabad
  3. The International School, Bangalore
  4. Delhi International School
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