M.SC in Environmental Science : A Booming Career Choice in India

msc in environmental science

The Master Degree in Environmental Science from a reputed college in India will secure your job in the government or public organizations. The subject focuses on the studies of the protection and conservation of the environment. Environmental science deals with the study of the interaction between human and natural systems. The human system is all about the populations on our planet, and the natural system involves the earth itself and the living beings. M.Sc in environmental science is the study of Zoology, Geography, Ecology, Geology, and Oceanology to find solutions to environmental problems. It offers an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to the study of environmental problems. The Master degree in environmental science represents you as a specialist of the subject and opens the door of myriads of job opportunities.

Let’s take a close look at the career options of the course after pursuing it from the best environmental science colleges in India.

Environmental Scientists
Join as an environmental scientist after completion of the program. It is one of the most respected jobs offered by the government of India. These scientists use their in-depth knowledge of natural science to protect nature and human lives. They work in labs or offices. Some of them spend time in the field to monitor changes in the environment. The Indian government is quite concerned about nature. The job is less competitive.

Environmental Consultants
It is a respected job profile because the consultant works with organizations on a range of environmental issues. They primarily work on one or two areas.

  • Air, land and water contamination
  • Environmental impact assessment and flood risk
  • Wast recycling or renewable energy

The job focuses on field work by conducting surveys on the area of consideration for evaluating the pollution levels. The consultant can carry out desk-based researches, create reports, suggest solutions and develop an effective plan to resolve the problem.

The Master degree in Environmental Science helps to find the job as a lecturer. Many private and government colleges hire master degree holders on permanent, contractual and guest lecturer basis. You can work part time or full time. Your work experience in the field and after your Ph.D. degree in Environmental Science would help you work as a professor or a researcher.

Wildlife Film Maker or Photographer
Do you find wild-life exciting? The M.Sc in Environmental Science can shape your career as a wildlife filmmaker or photographer. You can work with a film agency or a channel like Discovery and Animal Planets as a wildlife filmmaker. After the master degree course, you may have to take the additional short-term program on film-making or photography. The course will teach you the art of taking striking pictures of animals. Thus, you will get the proficiency to start your career as a wildlife filmmaker or photographer. You can work with a media company or work as a freelancer. The job is full of challenging and filled with excitement. Your dedication in the field can help you get fame and recognition.

In addition to these job opportunities, you can work as an environment journalist, conservation hydrologist or a director of waste management.

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