Latest Real Estate Market Reports

real estate market

The latest market reports on the real estate Ghaziabad are based on the real estate trends.

Real estate is a booming business in India overall although there could be slight fluctuations in this sector because of the government policies. Overall real estate is a multi billion dollar industry and India, being a budding economy, mush is to be done in this sector of business.

As per the latest reports, Real Estate Ghaziabad has a major push although the fluctuations can be seen in the overall real estate business in India. One of the key impacts on the real estate is because of demonetization but the silver lining because of this that had an impact for some months is going to give a big yield in the near future. One of the positive factors for the real estate sector is the rebounding GDP.

real estate market

Will there be an up-swing?

There is a general perception hovering in the minds of some people that there is a bad phase of real estate since the past some years but as per the house price index, the price in the real price market has been appreciable from the point of view of business. As per the report, when you talk about the mainstream residential areas, the very growth has put India in the league of top ten international markets in the recent past. In such a scenario of the real estate market, if you buy shops in Ghaziabad or any other metro city in India, it is not going to be one of the positive steps in your life as far as excelling financially is concerned.

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Different views on returns by experts

• If you talk about the granular returns, they are city oriented and there is a specific focus on micro markets.
• The returns are dependent on the different parameters or aspects like construction, location or the economic scenario.

Certain micro markets based in cities of India simply perform better because of various factors like the job creation, affordability and the development of infrastructure especially if we talk about the connectivity.

Returns cannot be same all over India

There was a hike in the residential prices when it came to certain tier 2 cities and one could see the low appreciation in metro and tier 1 city. One thing to note is that real estate has always been a great venue as far as investment is concerned. When it comes to buying 2 BHK flats in Ghaziabad, they are easily accessible at LandCraft with all the amenities and luxuries and that too at affordable prices. So, make a wise investment now!!!

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